Thursday 23 December 2010

Water colour studies of early dry lake racers

Watercolour on Bristol Board
In 1938 Ernie McAfee (90 MPH Club) recorded the fastest speed at an SCTA meet at 137.41 mph. It had a Winifield flathead on a four cylinder Ford engine.
Watercolour on Bristol Board
Here is Charles Beck's (Centuries Streamliner..With Four-cylinder power the little streamliner took first place at the August 1942 SCTA meet with a 131.96 mph speed. Note the wheel covers from a World War I Jenny Airplane.

Here are two quick watercolour studies based on photographs taken from the Don Montgomery book "Old Hot Rods Scrap Book"

More info on Dons amazing books can be seen at his site:

Friday 3 December 2010

2010 Catalogue

I'm please to announce that my 2010 catalogue is now available to view and download here:

It features all my currently available artwork and prints, as well as highlights of this years commissions and the commission price list. So if your stuck for an original Christmas present or even just fancy treating yourself you might find what your looking for in the catalogue. If you don't find what you want why not order a commission.
Go on it's Christmas!!

Friday 26 November 2010

Dirty Magazine

Whilst at the Vintage Skate 'N' Surf Expo I met Scarlett Rickard who publishes a fantastic Dirty Magazine. It's a magazine about... well I'll let Scarlett tell you in her own words:

"The Dirty Magazine is a celebration of old shit and the people who rescue it, collect it, mend it, replicate it, kick it and shout at it, but ultimately love it."

The mag is chock full of old bikes cars and other old tat that is constantly fascinating, so I'd urge you to have a look at their site and maybe even treat yourself to a copy (if that's what tickles your fancy)


On top of all that Scarlett is an incredible illustrator and sign writer. Check out her stuff here:

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Skate ‘n’ Surf at the Rhythm Riot

New Zealand Surf Wagons c1960s
A3 Indian Ink on Bristol Board

1951 Ford Woodie Surf Wagon
Acrylic on Skateboard


Roller Derby deck with metal wheels!

Sidewalk Surfboard
T Bucket Pickup
Ford Model A Pickup

I've just come back from the amazing Rhythm Riot Weekender (more info here) in Camber where I took part in their first ever Vintage Skate and Surf Expo.

As you can see from the photographs there were some great old school skateboards and vehicles. Part of the show involved each artist customising a skateboard. I daubed mine with the rear end of a 1951 Ford Woodie.

One of the events sponsors was the VHRA (Vintage Hot Rod Association) a British based association promoting pre 1949 Hot Rods. I would highly recommend going to their website as they have an amazing contingent of hot rods on their register.

Thanks to Robin and Neil for putting together such a great show!

Thursday 18 November 2010

Skate ‘n’ Surf at the Rhythm Riot Update

Coupe Burnout
Indian Ink on A3 Bristol Board
Orville "Snuffy" Welchel, Dry Lake Racer
Indian Ink on A3 Bristol Board

Here are two of the pieces that I will be displaying at the Skate and Surf Expo at Rhythm Riot this weekend.

Orville "Snuffy" Welchel (his name is sometimes listed as Welcher). Snuffy and Polly (note the sign on the cowl) were members in the Road Runners and raced in the Modified class running a Riley two-port.

Old Number 7

SCH 'Sammy' Davis (left) and Dr J Dudley 'Benjy' Benjafield With Old Number 7
Indian Ink on A3 Bristol Board

Old Number 7 at the Podium at Le Mans 1927
After the White House Crash (note the damage on the front right hand side)
Indian Ink on A3 Bristol Board
Old Number 7 at the Ritz
They definitely knew how to celebrate.
Indian Ink on A3 Bristol Board

Here is a large commission I've just completed. It's comprised of three images of Old Number 7, a 3 litre Bentley which won Le Mans in 1927, under exceptional circumstances.
The race is commonly remembered due to the infamous White House crash, which involved all three of the widely-tipped Bentley team's entries, and caused the retirement of two of them. The race was eventually won by the third which, although badly damaged, was able to be repaired by drivers Dudley Benjafield and Sammy Davis. It was Bentley's second victory in the endurance classic.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Skate ‘n’ Surf at the Rhythm Riot

Next weekend I'm taking part in the VINTAGE SKATE’N’SURF EXPO at the amazing Rhythm Riot weekender in Camber Sands. I will be displaying my latest collection of Hot Rod Pieces, as well as taking part in Live Painting sessions throughout the weekend.
See you there boppers!

Monday 8 November 2010

Tony Plunketts' Amazing Car

A3 Indian Ink on Bristol Board

After meeting Tony Plunkett at Prescott earlier this year he put in an order for a commission. At the end of the Saturday my wife and I went over to the camping field to take some photos of his car for reference. After about 4 laps of the camping area in Bluebell a Morgan 3 wheeler family (not really an off road vehicle but it was great fun). We finally found Tony and what was described as a BMW. The car was made by Tony over two and a half years from scratch and a very impressive job it is too. I'll let Tony Explain the rest:

"The car is my own chassis and body using the engine and running gear from a 325 BMW
E 30 (1990) The inspiration for the project came from hundreds of photos taken at places like Le mans, Prescot and Shelsley Walsh. The front very similar to Aston the rest pick and mix!"

Thursday 23 September 2010

Richard Blacks Panhard Levassor (1903) at Curborough

Richard Blacks Panhard Levassor (1903) at Curborough
Acrylic on Board (41cm x 34cm)

A commissioned piece of Richard Blacks 13.5 litre Panhard Levassor at Curborough. A wonderful Edwardian racer and joy to paint.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

VSCC Prescott Hill Climb 2010 Report

Vauxhall 30/98 Special at Shelsley Walsh 1913 (Acrylic on Board)

Done as a live painting session this piece was based on a photograph of the Vauxhall 30/98 Special on its last record breaking run at the Shelsley Walsh circuit.. According to some poeple it was rumoured to have a speed boat engine under the bonnet, as Vauxhall were making speedboats at the time.
Not sure how much more needs to be done to this really I like the loose feel.

Morgan Super Aero once owned by Henry Laird

The body of this Morgan was once owned by the famous Henry Laird, it still sports the original Union Jack on the side. The had lain dormant for 50 years and is now running and looking great.

Caesar Special as campaigned by Doc Taylor

Brough Superior Car
Frazer Nash

I had a really great time at the Prescott Hill Climb where I spent most of the time on the stall painting at my stall. I managed to catch the last few runs up the hill, one of which was James Baxter who broke the course record for the second time that day (just over 40 seconds).
I met loads of interesting people especially Spencer and Hazel who ran the stall next door. Thanks to My wife for taking the pictures above and making the tea, and also thanks to my father in law Nick for helping out.

I also finally met Stefan Majoram. A fantastic artist who was sketching in the paddock. To see more of his work please have a look at his Flickr site:

Monday 9 August 2010

GN V8 (Final Piece)

GN Grand Prix JAP V8 vs Frazer Nash at Mallory Park 2007
Acrylic on Board

Here is the final GN V8 piece. I went more detailed than I usually do for this piece and went with a bit of colour. The colours on the GN bodywork are pretty varied so I thought I'd include it. It is now available to buy online at my shop or alternatively please mail me:

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Le Puy Notre Dame Report 2010

A quick watercolour sketch of the Morgan Three Wheelers parked up at Le Chai De La Paleine
All packed up and ready to go.
Who said you couldn't get two three wheelers on one trailer!

My lovely wife Rowena and her Father Nick Taylor in the Paddock at Le Puy feeling very happy with themselves after getting through the rally on the previous day with no problems.
View of the paddock from the back of the Family.
Wow looks like those green t shirts were popular!
Amilcar parked up outside the bar on the first night.
A Nash in lovely condition parked up outside the track.
The ever useful Citroen H van.
Ravat bike with JAP engine. really love the styling on this bike.
New Map with a JAP motor
Monet Guyon
A small, belt-drive 2 stroke - very popular with the crowd!
This guy was really wrestling his Darmont Special through the chicane!
Jon Mattey, before his rear sprocket collapsed!

Gordon Naisby's MX4 SS that he has owned since 1949, driven in this demonstration by his son David.
Gary Caroline in his 1932 SS MX4

On the Sunday I met an amazing artist Jean-Marie Guivarc'h who was sketching in the paddock. His pen work was an inspiration to watch. If you want to see more of his work his website is:

I asked him if he did this professionally but he said "no just for fun". I'm pretty sure he must be an illustrator of some sort his work is too good to be just a hobby.

Nick Taylors 1924 Aero "The Black Pig"

Darmont Morgan

Tuesday 3 August 2010

VSCC Prescott Hill Climb 2010

Orchard Corner

VSCC Prescott Hill Climb 2010

7th - 8th August

Prescott Hill, Gotherington, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52 9RD

I will be running a stall at Prescott this year. This is the main VSCC event of the year with

250 Pre-war sports and racing cars split into 16 Classes there is a huge amount to see. As well as trade stands and entertainment.

This year there is a PRINCE HENRY VAUXHALL GATHERING The Prince Henry Vauxhall, the ‘First British Sports-Car’ celebrates its 100th Birthday this year. There are only eleven cars in existence, and it is hoped that at least five, (possible more) will be on display and parade up the hill.

Times (Subject to change)

Saturday 7 August Practice Runs commence at 9.30am

Sunday 8 August Competitive Runs commence at 10.00am


Ticket Prices Members: In Advance On The Day
Saturday £5 £15

Sunday £15 £25

Under 16s free

Ticket Prices Non-Members: In Advance On The Day
Saturday £8 £15

Sunday £20 £25

Under 16s free

More info here:

I will be running a live painting session throughout the weekend as well as displaying my wares.

Hope to see you there!

1925 Bugatti Brescia Lake Find Watercolour

1925 Bugatti Brescia Lake Find
A5 Watercolour

This is a watercolour sketch of the Lake Maggiore Bugatti. This rare 1925 Bugatti Brescia 22 Roadster was retrieved from Lake Maggiore in Switzerland in 2009 after being at the bottom of the lake for 70 years.
Earlier this year it fetched an incredible €260,500 at auction. "The winning bidder – a European collector representing the Peter Mullin Collection in California – will show the car in its present condition in his museum, whereas the underbidder – an American – had intended to restore the car.”

The full article on this car can be found here:

Eric Fernihough at Brooklands Watercolours

Eric Fernihough on the banking at Brooklands
A4 Watercolour

Eric Fernihough at Brooklands 11th March 1938 on his streamlined Brough Superior.
A5 Watercolour

Here are two watercolour pieces based on photos of Eric Fernihough at Brooklands where he had a garage by the perimeter of the track on the Byfleet Road.

Eric Fernihough world record holder was killed at an record attempt at Gyon, near Budapest, in Hungary in 1938 on his Brough Superior JAP. His streamlined Brough left the road at high speed, supposedly due to a gust of wind affecting the steering - though theories about the accident abound to this day.

Fernihough reached about 180 mph in 1938 with this machine. He also held the solo flying mile record (163.82 mi/h in 1936), the solo flying kilometre record (169.8 mph in 1937), and the sidecar flying kilometre record (137 mph in 1937).