Friday 4 March 2016

Race Retro 2016

1952 EMC Puch 125

(ink sketch)

This is one of very few existing EMC racers built by Joe Erlich in West London. This was considered the alternative for those that couldn't afford an MV racer. This particular example was raced by Rufus Broomfield on Southern tracks and successful on shorter tighter circuits like Blanford. The Marcellina split single engine is incredibly loud especially with the megaphone exhausts. The EMC is still in the family and used at demonstrations and the occasional sprint.

John Lane 1928 Racing CS1

(ink sketch)

This CS1 was developed and raced by John Lane in the VMCC Historic Racing during the 1960s and 70s running on methanol through twin Amal carburettors. The front end is unique with a back to back drum brake and braced Webb forks which are very rare. These fork are more commonly found on sidecar outfits and are used for their rigidity which helps with handling. The current owner bought the racer 2 years ago and has been sympathetic to the history that resides in the modifications and wear and tear that comes with race bikes.

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 750 Trophy Racer
 Unknown Special
 Honda CR750 Racer
 The BRISCA  Heritage stand was full of amazing stock cars!
 Charlie Finnikin's No55
 Ted Pankhurst's No104 replica
Kawasaki 50cc Racer

The Classic Dirt Bike Show, 2016

1979 325 Beamish Suzuki

(ink sketch)

Found on the Alan Wright stand which was packed flu of bikes that he has ridden through the years. I loved the high stance of this trials bike. Suzuki would provide a new bike each year and this was the bike for 1979. It has factory forks and a modified barrel which provided soft power and bags of torque.

Honda CR500r

(ink sketch)

I've always loved the look of the CR500 and with this one was in a great position, up high on a stand that I had to take the opportunity to sketch it. It was bought by the current owner as his father used to ride one back in the day.

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250 London

250 London are a great clothing brand influenced by 1980s Motorcross styling. They have been building a great range of stuff from shirts and caps to trousers and gaiters. Check out their website here and buy some great stuff:

All Star Classic Speedway stand with lots of classic goodies!

 1924 Brough Superior Brooklands Racer
 1977 Ossa Phantom
 1955 NSU Max Trials Outfit
 Nice James Trials bike on the Progressive Classics Stand
 "Don't ask? Lightening taken to extreme safe?"

 Ol' Blue - HVM005
(based on the 1983 510 tc Husqvarna)
 Cotton Motorcross
 1979 Montesa 44 VE
 VE Hagon Yamaha