Thursday 15 September 2011

Classic Bike Article and Autumn Classic at Prescott

Classic Bike Article

If any of you read Classic Bike (Classic Bike Web Page) you may have spotted that I have made it into another magazine due to my sketching exploits at the VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes. The guys at Classic Bike liked my work so much that they kindly included me in a small article in this months issue. If you have not seen the article click on the image below.

Special thanks to Rick Parkington for a smashing little mention in the magazine.

Autumn Classic at Prescott 1st & 2nd October

The Last Event at Prescott is being held on the 1st weekend of October I will be there hosting a stall and getting about with the sketchpad. I missed this event last year and so I'm very much looking forward to it this year. It is an all American weekend with a whole plethora of Flatheads and vintage hot rods going up the hill. Also the Wall of Death will be thrilling audiences throughout the weekend, I'm hoping to be able to catch one of their shows as I've been waiting a while to see them perform.

More info on the Autumn Classic can be found on the Bugatti Owners Club Website:

Hope to see you there.

Blog Revamp
On a final note you may have noticed that I have just revamped the Blog Page to include a shop as well as a few other extra features. The blog is a continual work in progress and I always welcome comments and constructive criticism, in order to improve it. Hope you like the improvements!

Thursday 1 September 2011

Sandown Park International Toy Fair

Donald Campbell's 1965 Series 1 Jaguar E-Type fixed head coupe
alongside a mock-up built by the Norris brothers
of their proposed Bluebird CMN8 rocket car
outside Donald’s house in 1965.
A4 Watercolour on Bristol Board

I was recently asked by Speed Record Models and Memorabilia to produce the above commission piece to be be released in conjunction with a limited edition model of Donald Campbell's E Type.

The original artwork along with a limited edition Giclee print and postcards will be available alongside the model at the '50 Years 0f E-Type' event hosted by Sandown Park International Toy Fair this Saturday 3rd September. More information on the toy fair can be seen here:

Bought New from H. R. Owen London in early 1966 by Donald, GLM 37C was driven by him daily to and from lake coniston during his final water speed record attempts in Bluebird K7 between November 66 and Janurary 67.

Bluebird Mach 1.1 (CMN-8) was a design for a rocket-powered supersonic land speed record car, planned by Donald Campbell but thwarted by his subsequent death during a water speed record attempt in Bluebird K7 in early 1967.

The limited edition 1/43rd model of Donald Campbell's E-Type is exclusively available from Speed Record Models and Memorabilia only
If you are interested in obtaining one of these models please contact:

Geoff Holden at Speed Record Models and Memorabilia

tel: 07957 631 113

Speed Record Models and Memorabilia also has a facebook page: