Tuesday 18 May 2010

Edwardian Racing Sketches

1909 Leon Peugeot Voiturette Racer
(Graphite on Bristol Board)
Peugeot 1914 Grand Prix
(Graphite on Bristol Board)

Just a quick post with some recent sketches based on some Edwardian Racers. If anybody has any more information on the 1914 Peugeot please feel free to contact me.

Monday 10 May 2010

Wiscombe Park Hill Climb Report 9th May 2010

GN v8 Jap (acrylic painting)
This was done as part of the live painting session throughout the day (when my fingers were warm enough). This piece was based on a photo taken by Liz Cawley at Mallory (2007) of the GN v8 overtaking a Frazer Nash. Thanks go to Liz for permission to use the photograph. I decided to take the painting in a more dynamic direction by envisioning it from a lower more dynamic angle and exaggerating the perspective to get a better feeling of speed. I will definitely do more of this in future!

My favorite car of the event. I first saw it when driving down the course to get to the paddock in the morning. Makes a great noise!
Another beast of the day, a common frequenter of VSCC events the mighty Napier Bentley. Housing a 24-litre Napier Sea-Lion W12 aeroplane engine in the chassis of a 1929 8-litre Bentley
Not all the cars were big though!

Thanks to all at the V.S.C.C. for putting on such a great event. Even though there was a real chill in the air all in attendance were in great spirit making the day really enjoyable. Plus the fact that I got to paint all day whilst having a wonderful view of the cars going up the hill, life couldn't be better.

Thursday 6 May 2010

Bugatti Type 57sc Atlantic Ink Painting Now On Sale

Bugatti Type 57sc Atlantic
(Indian Ink on Bristol Board, 29 x 42cm)

Another Bugatti piece I have been working on. This time to try something non race related I tried the very desirable and beautiful Type 57sc Atlantic. the curves on this car are amazing, if only I had the cash. More info on this car can be found at the Bugatti Trust Site:

The painting is now available for sale in the shop:

Bugatti Type 30 (Cigar) Ink Painting Now On Sale

Bugatti Type 30 (Cigar)
(Indian Ink on Bristol Board, 29 x 42cm)

Here is the finished ink painting of the Bugatti Type 30 with the cigar shaped body. I'm still trying to find out more about the source photo this piece was based upon, so please feel free to comment or send me a mail if you8 know anything about this piece. It can be seen at the Bugatti Trust website:


The painting is now available for sale in the shop: