Wednesday 30 May 2012

La Vie en Bleu Report 2012

This Weekend the Bugatti Owners Club ran their annual La Vie en Bleu event, filling the hill with all things French including Can Can dancers and accordion players. I attended on the Sunday with a brie and grape sandwich to sketch some French modes of transport.

Bugatti (ink sketch)

 Velo Solex 
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Having sketched a Cymota earlier in the year I grabbed the chance to sketch the French original.

Renault 17 Gordini
(digitally painted ink sketch)

1955 Renault Frigate
(digitally painted ink sketch)

At this time French car makers were making a lot of cars under licence in an American style. The Frigate was on the market as the same time as the DS and so sales suffered. THis is the only one running in the country, it is in a way an ugly design but there is something about that, that caught my eye enough to get the sketchbook out.

Citro├źn Ami 6 Club estate
(digitally painted ink sketch) 

This was a very strange car to sketch I'm not sure what it was about it but it definitely threw me and some of the perspective has gone way off but I still like this piece in a weird way. 

Bugatti 57c
 An extremely beautiful car, the lines on this version are very elegant, especially at the back.

 1909 Leon Peugeot Voiturette Racer

I've been waiting a long time to see this car as sketched it from photographs a while back. It was taken up the hill on the Saturday and I wish I'd been there to see it. The massive single cylinder must sound incredible.

I tried sketching this Amilcar twice and it kept going up the hill every time  so heres a couple of photos.

 Panhard Levassor 
 GN, V8 J.A.P.
This was the first time I've seen this, other than the plethora of photographs on the internet. This build is so well put together all the little details make it very convincing as an original.

 GN Racer

 GN Racer engine closeup


1983 "A" Citroen LNA
One lady owner till 2010 57k miles £495 plus road fund licence. Described as a "Bargin" I'm tempted to agree.

 There were a few Citroen DS's at the event always a pleasure to see.

La Vie en Bleu was yet another great day out at Prescott, there are still plenty of events still to run this year, at the home of the Bugatti Owners Club and I urge you to take the time to visit. Please go the Bugatti Owners Club website for more information on upcoming events:

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Festival of Slowth Report 2012

The Welsh hills were alive with the sound of cycle cars this weekend at the Festival of Slowth. I was very kindy invited along with my sketchbook to see what I could find. I'd like to thank all those that organised the event and played perfect hosts to all in attendance.

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Indian Scout
(ink sketch)
This Indian Scout is soon to be crossing America. Good Luck Ian.

GN front end
(ink sketch)

(ink sketch)

 Prop Power

 Two Cardons and a Morgan

 Morgan Grand Prix

 Off for a spin.


 Success of the weekend was Adrian Wards Chater Lea, up and running on the Saturday for the first time in years. Well done fettlers!

 Housing a Blackburn V Twin this cowling is definitely minimal with great style.
As you can see there were a lot of lovely details on this car.

 Morgan Aero, GN, Humber


 Tim Gunn's fantastic Grafton Cycle Car alongside the Bleriot Whippet.

Tim runs the wonderful Old Bicycle Company so please visit his site for all your old bicycle needs:

 A lovely early racer leaning against the in house petrol pump.

The Bugatti Owners club are celebrating everything French at Prescott this coming weekend 
with the La Vie en Bleu festival. The weather looks good and the sketchbook will be out once again. For more information on this event please follow this link:

Monday 21 May 2012

Dirt Quake at Brandon Stadium 2012

Brandon Stadium was built in 1948 and is well know as a Speedway and Stock Car track, but on Saturday the 19th May Sidburn Magazine took it over and invited anyone brave enough to ride the very wet track. People turned up with anything from a scooter to a custom chopper to slide their way round. The track car was a giant pie which I thought was a good old British touch.

For more on Sideburn Magazine please visit their website and treat yourself to the latest issue:

Dimitri Coste bought along his fantastic BSA B50mx short tracker.

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Mud Caked Yammaha
(digitally painted ink sketch)

 J.A.P. Speedway Bike

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Triumph 350 Rat Bobber

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Here's some more snaps from the event. Unfortunately my lens was not big enough to catch the real action. For more track photos why not visit the events Facebook page:

Yes it was this sort of lunacy that went on.

Low Brow Customs not only displayed their creations they even took them out on the track. 
For more on Lowbrow please visit their website:

 BSA Trials
There was a good group of J.A.P. Speedway bike in attendance, but even these hardened riders said the conditions were too wet.

 More Mud

 Harley Dirt Track Bike

Triumph Bobber

 Harley Shovelhead with Sportster tank.