Friday 30 May 2014

Old Empire Motorcycles Sheet 1

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Thursday 29 May 2014

Bike Shed Event III

(1m x 1.4m inksketch)

For the latest incarnation of The Bike Shed Event I produced my biggest ink sketch yet. Entitled "In Dedication" it was a celebration of the last two shows using bikes that were on show and in the bike park, as explained in my preview post on Vimeo . 

Above is the full piece and below are some detail shots. I'm organising a limited print run of this piece, if you want to be put on the waiting list for a copy please mail me at:


Kingdom of Kicks - Dirt Bike Bobber

(ink sketch)
Kingdom of Kicks have done it again producing a simple no frills ridable bike with this xs650 build. I love the pipes and kicked up tail on this. For more info on this bike click here

Race Fit - GS1000

(ink sketch)
I've been wanting to sketch a Race Fit bike for a while, I'd even been chatting with them about getting a workshop visit sorted but our schedules never worked out. Well here's the end result of a couple of hours in front of their GS1000. The bike is a customer build that is built for both everyday use and track days so there is some serious performance stuff on here.

Hard Luck - Harley Choppers

(ink sketch)
Afer meeting the Hard Luck Tattoo guys at the Kingdom of Kicks opening. I was hoping to see their bikes again. Choppers always have great sweeping lines on them and this pair of Harleys are no exception to the rule. The Hard Luck guys are opening a Tattoo shop in North Richmond soon...

Cres's Honda CB72

 (ink sketch)
As luck would have it another bike that I'd seen at a party before turned up on the Sunday, and this is one that just could't escape the sketchbook! This 1962 CB72 is a race bike in disguise, as it is an ex Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) TT Racer having raced at the TT in 63. What I love about this bike is that it is quite obviously ridden ("like you stole it" according to Cres) and has a natural feel to how it has evolved since Cres took ownership of it.

More Photos....

 Extra Shots of the Race Fit GS1000

Details of the CMBL Hot Dog with Stevie Gee paint job

 Indian Influenced Cyclemotor
Gladstone Cycles Cinder Path Racer

Stuff that turned up in the bike park....

Kawasaki KT250
 Harley ultra low bobber
Triumph with a Sportster tank??

A mini show of custom cycles turned up!

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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Bike Shed Event III Preview

Here's a sneak preview of my large ink painting which is going to be on display at this weekends Bike Shed Event III (24th - 25th May). The piece features bikes from the previous two Bike Shed shows and is as a celebration of the show so far. It's also an excuse to do a bloody big ink sketch!

The painting is an evolution of my large scale work that started with the Pane's Yard piece. I've started using abstract elements and I'm trying to push away from the straight portrait format. A large piece like this is a perfect playground for this kind of practice as I have time to let the piece evolve. I've also started reusing techniques from my 2010 ink paintings. I'm really enjoying the process and hope to do a lot more of it.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Wiscombe Hill Climb 2014

"Miss BACFire"

(ink sketch)

Miss BACFire a Shelsley inspired special was built using the combination of two vehicles. The first a pacing motorcycle, which is where the BAC in backfire comes from. BAC engines were used in French cycle pacers, this particular one is dated 1925 and is engine number 6. The Engine is 1.9 litres and is quite a beast! The fuel and oil tanks also came from the pacing motorcycle but the rest is mostly Austin Seven parts. The builder had a lot of Austin bits that he described as "no longer good enough for spare parts". These were then used to build the remainder of the car with as many vintage bits being used as possible. The car has been running for 2 years now and it's just getting there.  I'm so happy that people are still (let's say) enthusiastic enough to build such great specials. 

Emeryson Formula 3

(ink sketch)

A rare beast indeed (number 009) this Emeryson single seater runs a JAP speedway engine up front rather than the usual position for a 500 which is behind the driver. There is a reason for this as it is front wheel drive, couple that with no differential and according to the owner it's a bit of a fight to drive.

1931 Ulster Frazer Nash

(ink sketch)

This is one of a kind as it began it's life as a genuine Grand Prix car at the Nurenburg Grand Prix in 1932. The car belonged to various people after it's racing career and it's bodywork was donated to the war effort to help build Spitfire bodies. The remains of the car sat around as a very slow project until the current owner took it on and has finished it off. The shape and style of this car really is something else, and the engine is a sight to behold as it is a twin OHC Anzani. It's also great to see the car being used competitively, and so using it for it's intended purpose.

"Little Red Rooster" Austin Seven Special

(ink sketch)


(ink sketch)

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