Wednesday 7 November 2012

Kop Hill Climb Report 2012

Kop Hill has been used by motorcycles since 1910. Cars were first raced on the hill in 1911 at the Essex Motor Cycling Club's meeting on the 13th May. The hill was then used occasionally until the 1920s when it's reputation as one of the most important hill climbs was established. In 1925 an accident involving a spectator and car caused the RAC Stewards to ban the Essex MC meeting. This incident in turn brought a ban to all road events in Britain. The Kop Hill Climb was not used until 1999 when the Bean Motor Club ran the first event in 74 years. It is now established as an annual two day event .

This year I finally made it to the Kop Hill Climb. I'd heard a huge amount about the event and it had been strongly recommended by many people on my travels. I definitely wasn't disappointed, a huge range of cars and bikes of all ages turned up to climb this unusual hill climb. 

For more information on the Kop Hill Climb please Visit the website:

1923 Bequet Delage

(ink sketch)

This Stunning 12 litre Delage was my first subject on the Saturday. With it's great lines and engine emerging from the bonnet, the design of the car has been executed with such elegance that I had to take the opportunity to sketch this wonderful car.

1952 Jensen Bodied Austin A40 Sports
 (ink sketch)
On my first glance of this car I thought "That's a bit small for an american car", of course it turned out to be an A40. 
This was a particularly original example of the Jensen bodied A40 designed by Eric Neale

1949 Nor-Vin Hybrid Manx

 (ink sketch)
I'm always fascinated by the organic heart like design of H.R.D. engines and coupled with the Manx Norton this was a real joy sketch.

1924 Trojan Utility

(ink sketch)
After having sketched a Trojan cycle motor a while back at Mallory I was thrilled to see this Trojan car made by the same Croydon based company. Unfortunately the mascot was not on the radiator when I was sketching it early on the Sunday Morning.

I hadn't even got out of the car park!
1931 Austin 7
A great car with bags of character.

1923 Hupmobile Model R
1969 Mustang Fastback
1932 BSA TW 32-9 Special Sports
Another Delage, with fantastic aerodynamic wings
1911 Ford Model T Special
I'd heard and seen a fair amount about this special too, it was great to see it.
1934 New Imperial Grand Prix
1959 Norton JAP Special
1934 Velocette MOV
1962 Matchless G50
On the way back to the car I stumbled upon this curious 3 wheeler

Friday 2 November 2012

NSRA Hot Rod Drags 2012, Shakespeare County Raceway

 On the 15th September I ventured down to Shakespeare County Raceway for my second NSRA event  of the year the Hot Rod Drags. Even busier than the last event the pits and car park were packed with great machines of all ages and styles. More information on Shakespeare County Raceway and the NSRA can be found at the following websites:

Here are my sketchings and snappings from the day:

 "Lou's Cannon" 
Chevrolet Suburban Gasser

(ink sketch)
I ran out of time to sketch this last time so I made a b line for this fantastic gasser to make sure I didn't make the same mistake twice.

 Buick Electra 225

(ink sketch)
I always like the long low stance of these low riders. A very strange car to draw.

Here's some photos from the rest of the day.

 Buick Riviera

 NOS powered Chevy Truck

60s Ford Econoline

 30's Plymouth

 Red Baron 40's Ford Truck