Thursday 12 December 2013

Teaming Up With Old Empire Motorcycles

Over the last year I have met with Alec and Rafe from Old Empire Mortorcycles (OEM) at a number of events over the past year. Seeing that we all have a mutual appreciation for the hand made OEM  asked whether I'd like to contribute to their build process by creating hand drawn concepts for their builds. Here are a couple of the concepts that we have worked on.

OEM Gladiator

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Based around a Victory Highball this bike was designed to be a street bike with the ability to be used as a longer range tourer with it's custom panniers. 

OEM Osprey

(digitally painted ink sketch)

This is the latest of our build concepts has been a collaboration with ODFU, which is Kev Wilsons clothing company. The build is based around a Suzuki GN400. OEM love to strip their bikes down to the bear minimum and this one is another example of this style continuing to build "pure motorcycles".