Thursday, 17 April 2014

75th Pioneer Run 2014

Well after 4 years of fully intending to make it to this event I finally made it! Well was it worth it? Well there was so many machines that I would have loved to have sketched that it would have taken me weeks to get through all 388 entries. For those of you that don't know about the Pioneer Run.... The Sunbeam Mortorcycle club (the club for all marks of motorcycle pre 1940) have organised the Pioneer Run since 1930 and it is the premier event for all pre 1915 motorcycles. There are also sidecar outfits and three wheeled machines, all have motorcycle engines. The route runs from Epsom to Brighton.

1909 N.S.U.

(ink sketch)

The Dreadnought

(ink sketch)

The Dreadnought is a genuine 1904 special built by 'Oily' Karslake and it is still actively campaigned to this day. In Dave Masters book  "The Fiery Wheel" the recently release Ixion biography he describes the motorcycle as follows:

"The engine is a 3 1/2 hp MMC engine (a De Dion copy)... it has direct belt drive and no peddling gear. It was a very functional and has been used in many long distance trials and holidays in hilly areas."

It also ran in the first ever Pioneer Run!

More Photos....

1914 Indian
1900 De Dion Tricycle
1904 Lagonda Tricar

1913 Flying Merkel
1914 New Imperial

1906 Peugeot
1907 REX Tourer
1903 Phanomobile
The Morgan Line Up
1901 Clement Auto
1903 Kerry, the ladies motorcycle
Not pre 1915 but a lovely AJS outfit spotted on the way out.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor Show

After spending Saturday in London it was time to scoot up to Norfolk and spend a Sunday in the more relaxed climate of the Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor Show. Now in it's 3rd year this event is getting bigger and bigger, the variety of vehicles and machinery on display is now more akin to what you'd expect from a large steam fair. It's the variety of stuff that keeps me coming back to this show I am spoilt for choice every year I have been and this year was no exception....

1923 Fiat 703

(ink sketch)
First sketch was of one of Roger Desboroughs' ever expanding collection of early tractors. I was attracted by this Fiat purely by it's simplicity and the imposing nature of the big box shape on the front. This tractor was on of the first models built by Fiat Trattori, the agricultural division of Fiat at the time.

1972 Condec M561 'Gama Goat'

(ink and watercolour)
The find of the show was this Gama Goat. These were developed by Condec for use in Vietnam. The front tractor unit houses a 3 cylinder supercharged 2 stroke which drives all 6 wheels. The vehicle was specifically designed to drive through paddy fields, and so is amphibious. A compressor pumps air into the brake drums in order to stop water entering and the front and rear wheels both steer to make it more manoeuvrable not only on land but in the water too. The rear trailer is designed to take different pods, this particular one is a radio pod but it also could have ambulance, weapons and other variants of pod dropped into the trailer. This particular radio pod was found by the owner whilst driving a lorry in Germany. When passing a house Paul noticed that the garden shed was in fact a radio pod for a Goat. Knocking on the owners door Paul tried to explain that he wanted to buy the mans garden shed. No sooner had a neighbour translated Paul's request the shed / pod was being emptied and loaded onto his lorry!

1949 Deutz FIM414

(ink and watercolour)
Final sketch of the day was this 11hp Deutz which sported a double plough on the back and I loved the shape of the red counter weight which is for a finger mower. This is such a simple little tractor which you don't see that often at shows, so I was very happy to spend some time sketching it before making the along journey home.

More photos of the wide range of stuff on display...

  This particular show is famed for having the largest display of pre 1930 tractors, I could have quite easily spent the whole day in the one shed!
 Rumley DoAll

These two Farmall's were in great original condition and both had worked in the East Anglian region all their lives!
1938 F14
1935 F12 

More tractors...

  Oliver Crawler
 A great pair of Ransomes Crawlers
Oliver with Horns
 Massey 1200
 Sentinal Steam Bus


1949 BSA Goldstar Rigid Trials
Some Serious Trad. Fairing on this BSA!


 Puch Army Pick Up
 Scamell Explorer

Stationary Engines and Agricultural Equipment

Lister line up
 Auto Trucks
 An Allen Auto Scythe with bench saw attachment

The Rest...

 1951 Standard Vanguard
 There was an impressive amount of trucks at this years show!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Kingdom of Kicks Shop Opening

I first visited Kingdom of Kicks after an after party for the Bike Shed Event last year. When I heard that they had a shop opening I was keen to go and see how the store turned out and catch up with some London chums. For those of you that don't know Kingdom of Kicks is the brain child of all round Australian good guy and bike builder James, head over to their website to see more of what they are about. The Store and workshop reside on an industrial estate near Hackney Wick, a part of the old industrial area that survived the Olympic take over. 

(ink sketch)
First sketch of the day was executed across the road at another custom bike shop Muff Customs, whilst WAITING for Mr Chester Belter (Rich). This Honda Express was resting in the shadows of some more imposing bikes. Muff have a great coffee shop where I sampled a tasty mushroom medley courtesy of Rich! Whilst sampling the delights of Muff I also had a rather amusing conversations about pipe wrap with Jon Tremlett the illustrator and maker who's website Soul Craft Candy is chock full of amusing cartoons and insights to his creative life. After hearing the roar of bikes as the ride out returned we headed over to Kingdom of Kicks to see what bikes had turned up....

Demon Lung's Triumph
(ink sketch)

I only managed one sketch at the actual event as it's very odd sketching in a purely social environment, but I'm glad I did as I managed to capture Rory's latest incarnation of his Triumph, which I helped transport to Dirt Quake II last year. Since Dirt Quake this bike has been written off and rebuilt in various ways, it's a constantly evolving and hard working bike.

Here's more bikes...

 A smart Honda Four
 I loved the simplicity of this BSA.
 Harley Chopper
 Spot the Dog
 Jame's current mule
 Toshi's fantastic Rudge Pathfinder