Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bromley Pageant of Motoring 2012 Report

Bromley Pagent of motoring is a huge static car show held in the south of London. A huge range of vehicles turn up every year. More information on the show can be found here:

I had a great time sketching and looking at the amazing range of cars in attendance, here are the sketches and photos from the day.

1930 Le Salle, Model 328
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Only 1500 of these were produced in 1930 by Le Salle, the high end division of Cadillac. For a 1930 car this was the height of luxury with an electric self starter that was reliable, along with a synchromesh gearbox. With a flat head 4.6 litre V8 engine and a turning circle of 20 feet this truly is an American car. This restoration is immaculate with an incredible paint job. It is for sale for £42,000 ONO (contact

 This mascot caught a lot of cameras lenses over the day.

1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Fantastically low and long this was my first challenge of the day. I always enjoy drawing these incredible american cars, lots of chrome and a real challenge to fit on the page.

I think the back is about the same length as the front!
 The Chrome continues on the inside with this impressive dash.

1960 Messerschmitt KR200
(digitally painted ink sketch)

After 2 large american cars I thought I'd balance out the day with this classic Messerschmitt. Made of course by the famous aeroplane manufacturer, it has elements of aeroplane design giving it some very nice curves, and great all round visibility provided by the cockpit.

Heinkel, Kabine / Trojan 200

Heinkel was a leading aeroplane manufacturer before WW2, after which they were banned from making planes. They went on to produce a scooter, followed by the Kabine or Cabin Scooter. Croydon's Trojan company took over manufacture in the 50s and 60s.

I was encouraged to come and have a look at the rear view of this Heinkel, so I braved the patriotic bunting and I'm glad I did.

To complete the trio of red bubble cars on display was this lovely Isetta.
I love the bumper configuration on this car.


Ford V8 Tipper

International Truck

Airborne motorised Caravan & Thames 15 CWT


Wolseley in Army paint with its enthusiast owner (sorry forgot your name)

A very Smart Austin Van

Another Austin with American inspired chrome work.

 Armstrong Siddeley


1965 Chevrolet pick up 
Torino Squire

Ford Model T
(I think the owner was a bit tired after the journey)

1966 Pontiac White Cloud

Buick Silver Lady


 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis
22.5 feet of pure american luxury, powered by a 6.6 litre V8. I love the covers over the headlights.

1930 Buick Master

6 Cylinder Over Head Valve.


 Sun Trials, with Villiers engine.

1929 Alcyon A2 Touriste, 175cc

Bristol Volksfest 2012 Report

2012 marks Bristol Volksfest's 20th year and my first time attending. Seeing that it was only just down the road Frank was fired up and a country drive took me to Washingpool Farm in Easter Compton. The show was very busy with lots to see indoors and out, here's my findings from the day.

 VW Panel Van
(digitally painted ink sketch)

All the sign writing on this van was found during a paint strip. Marc decided to keep it as is and has just lacquered it. I've always been partial to these vans and with this kind of patina and history it makes it even better.

More Vans

 A great line up of Beetles

 Unfortunately pictures don't describe the comedy horns in these two.


As well as a huge range of VWs on display there was also a good display of  low riders with hydraulics installed. My favourite was this Lada for obvious reasons.

 VW Variant (bouncer in disguise)

Last but not least was this great little aluminium caravan.

To find out more about Volksfest please visit the website:

Berkley Castle Classic Car Show June 4th 2012

On Bank Holiday Monday Frank participated in his first car show, a picnic was packed and the family squeezed into the cab for a leisurely drive to Berkley Castle in Gloucestershire. Whilst I was there I managed to get a couple of sketches in. It turned out to be a Dodge packed day as I sketched these two early Dodge Brothers cars.

1924 Dodge Brothers, 4 Cylinder
(digitally painted ink sketch)

1928 Dodge Brothers, 6 Cylinder
(ink sketch)

This Dodge was pretty incredible, it had pretty much only had one owner from new, last registered in 1948 and it hasn't had anything done to it. It was covered in some sort of oil when the present owner bought it, and so a lot of the original finish has been preserved.

I sketched this Plymouth at Prescott last year and had to include it in this report, just because I like it so much.
Parked along side was this 1946 Hudson Commodore Six, I ran out of time but was hoping to get a sketch of this one in, the front end is just beautiful.

There was a huge amount of cars at Berkley Castle, and the range was great, not one vehicle the same.

A fantastically presented Austin Van

Highly American style Austin


A Morris Flatbed?

Austin Military vehicles