Martin Squires has an obsession with motor powered transport. Be it anything from a humble New Hudson Autocycle right up to an Aero Powered Bentley Special and anything in between. A major part of his practise is sketching at various motor events, the results of a days or weekends sketching then form part of a report that gets posted on his ever growing blog.

This obsession started through a family connection with Morgan Three Wheelers and various British Motorcycles: Matchless, AJS, Brough Superior to name a few. Combining this obsession with a natural talent for sketching and painting Martin has developed a distinctive style which has evolved through a combination of reportage sketching and studio work.

Martin's work has been featured in various publications including The Classic Motorcycle and Classic Bike Guide. As well as providing illustration's for magazines Martin is working with Old Empire Motorcycles, providing concept work for customer commissioned builds. Upcoming projects include an illustrated study of early pre 1911 motorcycle track racing, and exhibiting work in Ralph Lauren stores.

As well as illustrating various machines Martin takes an active interest in his various subjects using each piece as a chance to find out more about motoring history. Having the opportunity to talk to enthusiasts and occasionally get the chance to see their collections is just as important to Martin as producing a piece of art as it gives him an opportunity to understand his subject, allowing him to produce accurate and pertinent tribute to every subject he paints. Martin also runs a 1947 Dodge pick up, a '53 Ferguson tractor and a trials Bantam. Martin's ultimate machine would be a pre 1908 racing motorcycle.

Martin regularly sketches and exhibits at various motoring events throughout the UK and Europe as well as exhibiting internationally. If you are interested in commissioning an original piece from Martin feel free to contact him directly.