Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tractor World 2014

Many tractor enthusiasts traveled from around the country to visit the Tractor World Show at the Malvern Showground on the 1st & 2nd of March. 2000 exhibits were on display and I as always at this show was spoilt for choice as to what machinery to sketch.

Ferguson Brown

(ink sketch)
Ferguson Brown tractors are rare but this one is made even more so by it's unusual driving position. It was used by the South African and Rodesian Air Forces. I presume for towing aircraft.

1952 Farmall BN

 (ink & watercolour)

This was one of the concourse tractors, a very nice restoration that was fresh out of the workshop, finished on the Friday before the show. It belongs to a family who have a serious Farmall addiction with more than 70 tractors.

1959 Ransomes MG with Winch

 (ink sketch)
Whist looking for something unusual to sketch I found this Ransomes Crawler tucked away in the corner. Someone did comment as to why I was sketching it. Personally I think it was a silly question.
 600 cc Ransomes Engine
The Winch

Series 1 Land Rover with Plough

  (ink & watercolour)

Now this is possibly the only 3 point linkage on a Land Rover in existence. It was offered as an official fitting for Series 1 Land Rovers. The number of these linkages made is unknown and the owner Geoff Smith of this is still trying to find out more about them. Another attachment you could have on the Land Rover was a mower bar which could be adjusted from the drivers position. A great article on this subject was published in the March issue of Tractor & Machinery .

Fordson Major with Perkins P6 Enigine

 (ink sketch)

Last year I sketched Phil Moston's Nufield Perkins conversion and this year he was exhibiting his immaculate Fordson Major with a Perkins P6 installed.

More Photos....

I only saw this Advance Tractor outside of the hall and never again!

 Another one that I didn't have time for was this 1948 John Deere No.55 Combine. This is the only one left of two that were imported into the country.

Some more of the John Deere line up
1941 John Deere Model D
 Caterpillar Crawlers
This was an unusual Ferguson TE20 conversion. It has a Perkins Diesel engine fitted and has recently  been converted to 4 wheel drive along with having wheel strakes fitted for better traction when subsoiling. A serious bit of kit!
 International Harvester Crawler
 Hungarian UE 28

 Massey 135
 1958 David Brown 2D