Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Biker Hotline Article

The lovely people at Biker Hotline in the States have posted up a small article on my recent work. There is a huge amount of information on this site including show reports, news and a classified section. Click the link below to see my article and have a browse round the site whilst your there:

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Prescott Bike Festival Report

Demo piece at the end of the day
(a better picture will be posted once I've made more progress)

My home for the day.

For it's first year the Prescott Bike festival turned out to be quite an event, with bikes old and new out in force to run up the hill in front of a crowd of a good few thousand! The highlights for me were as always the older bikes, especially the collection that was bought down by the Brooklands Museum not only were they on display they were also running them up the hill too! Here is a selection of my personal highlights:

Doug Earl Cotton
498cc J.A.P. (1938 Speedway Engine)
  • Doug Earle, who raced Zenith bikes at Brooklands in 1938, created this bike in later life as a replica of a 1930s Outer Circuit racer and sidecar.
  • It is likely that he used the bike for dirt/grass track racing post war. He then remodelled it with period style fuel (methanol) and oil tanks. The motorcycle and sidecar streamlined in hand beaten aluminium, streamlining on the front forks remains.
  • In the 1960s he was well known for his immaculately prepared Douglas sprinter, which competed with the "Boy" Tubb Grindlay-Perrless in appearance.
"Boy" Tubb Grindlay-Perrless
498cc J.A.P.
  • In 1928, Bill Lacey, riding a 500cc Grindlay Peerless at Brooklands, became the first person to ride 100 miles an hour on a british track.
  • The following year 5 or 6 replicas were built, one of which was bought by Edmond "Boy" Tubb in 1936.
  • E.C.E. "Ted" Baragwanath rebuilt the engine for Edmond. Eith this new found power he went on to win his Gold Star at 102mph.
The Brooklands Museum is a very important place in motoring history and I encourage you to become a Brooklands Trust Member. It's £30 a year and you get free access to the museum as well as discounts on events. More information can be found here:

More Great Machines
1908 Triumph (Belt Drive)

This also incredibly was running up the hill. The owner was keen to show me the bike when he saw my watercolour piece depicting the same bike. So much so that he wheeled it round to my stall so I could have a look. No clutch on this one a running start is needed to get it going, must be great fun to ride. One day I tell myself one day.

498cc Velocette
(love the Gordon's Gin can!)

J.A.P. Powered three wheeler / Sidecar outfit

J.A.P. Powered Sprint Bike

Manx Superior (Manx Bike with Brough Superior Engine)

Friday, 8 April 2011

New Bike Works and Prescott Bike Festival 2011

125 Grand Prix, Sachsenring, East Germany (Sunday 11 July 1971)

Oil on Board (60cm x 40cm)
Based on photo from the Bauer Archive

"The Maicos of Borje Jansson and Dieter Braun lead Barry Sheene and Angel Neito, but it was Neito who Finally took the Win. 125 GP racing has always been spectacular, yet the 2011 Season will be its last." Alan Seeley

ORIGINAL PIECE FOR SALE is please contact me for sales.

PRINTS are also available. Any size printed to order.

125 Grand Prix, Sachsenring, East Germany (Sunday 11 July 1971)

Excelsior Oregon City Hill Climb1920
Oil on Board (40cm x 35cm)

A V-twin Excelsior Auto Cycle takes the hill in the 1920 Oregon City Hill Climb. Its 1920 Oregon plates help confirm the year.

Excelsiors were made from 1909 until 1931, eventually being owned by Schwinn. Often used for racing, in 1912 the Excelsior was the first motorcycle to reach a recorded 100 miles an hour.

ORIGINAL PIECE FOR SALE is please contact me for sales.
PRINTS are also available. Any size printed to order.

Prescott Bike Festival 2011


I'm running a stall at this years Prescott bike Festival Sunday 10th April (this Sunday)

I will be running a display including the latest bike pieces, as well as running a painting demonstration throughout the day. There is loads of stuff packed into this event and this is it's first year so if you are in the area please come down and support this event.