Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Telford Twin Shock Show 2014

1949 BSA Gold Star Flat Tracker

(ink sketch)

Imported fro the States where this was used on the long tracks this Gold Start was going to be run on the Red Marley Hill Climb last year but the event got canceled. This year the pre 50s class isn't running so it looks like this bike may never see the hill. The Red Marley Hill Climb is on Easter Monday and is a great day out. Have a look at the videos of previous years on You Tube

1949/50 Mk I Excelsior Speedway Bike

(ink sketch)

I always appreciate a good JAP speedway bike but I've never seen an Excelsior Speedway bike. The Mk I that I sketched belonged to a man who also owned the Mk II (pictured below) and the Sunbeam Speedway bike seen behind. The Sunbeam is the only known example of this 20's racer, a rare beast indeed shame the photos I took of it were no good!

1978 SWM 250 RSMC

(ink sketch)

After being commissioned to sketch two of Chris's Can-Am bikes last year I stopped by the Canned Ham stand, where I saw this great SWM. This is the Italian variant of the Can-Am which runs the same Rotax engine. I think this bike has a little more style in the tank than the Can-Am bikes but what do you expect from the Italians?

More Photos....

 JAP Speedway
 If only I had £1200 for this methanol BSA scrambler!

If I had been at the event for the whole weekend then I would have sketched this for sure.

For more info on the Telford Twin Shock Show please Visit their site:

Telford Twin Shock

Race Retro 2014

The Yellow Peril

(ink and watercolour)

This eye catching machine had to be sketched. Bill Bragg originally campaigned tho bike and it's siblings the Blue and Scarlet Perils in the 60's. Bill was famed for turning up to sprint meets towing a huge trailer behind a motorcycle combination, Initially an AJS 650 and then a Triumph 650. The bikes were discovered in a shed in 1999 and have been slowly resorted since. In 2010 the three bikes were raced at various events for the first time since 1966. At North Weald Martin Newton recorded a 13.7 sec quarter mile, it's previous best was 13.39. Martin said that the clutch was slipping a bit and so he shut if off before the finish. I hope to bump into the other perils in the future.

Gentleman John

(watercolour and ink)

Two years ago at Race Retro I sketched a Heritage Stock Car, I resisted last year, but as soon as I saw this 6 wheeler I couldn't let it go. Gentleman John was originally created in 1976 by John Stirk who was inspired by the Tyrell 6 wheeled GP Car and Chinese 6 trucks which John used to drive. The original car was raced for 2 years before John was unable to continue developing it due to lack of time. BriSCA passed a rule shortly after the cars retirement stating that all stock cars must have 4 wheels. John said that the car actually goes round the oval better than a 4 wheel car as the four steering wheels at the front stop it from drifting out on the corners and so it can keep tight into the corner.

The car seen here is a replica of the original built entirely based on photos that John had. It runs a Dodge 440ci v8, and the back wheels are held down by a tractor top link to give it traction!

1972 Mclaren M16B Indy Car

(ink sketch)
This car won the 1972 500 mile Indianapolis race with Mark Donohue at the wheel. This was the first of three wins for Mclaren at Inianapolis
The Car runs a 2.65l turbo 4 cylinder offenhauser with 750bhp, plus it has some serious trumpets!

 More photos....

Next year I will brave the cold and sketch one of many amazing rally cars that run on the rally stage. 

 More Mclaren stuff

 Excelsior 2 speed 98cc

 More BriSCA Heritage cars


For more information on the Race Retro event held at Stoneliegh Park please visit their website:


Monday, 17 February 2014

Sketchbook Selections Vol 4: Motorcycles

Volume 4 of my Sketchbook Selections is now available via my SHOP

I won't blabber on about it as the video above says it all really. The colour version is selling pretty fast so if you want to be one of the lucky 25 then I'd get ordering!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pane's Yard

(full ink painting)

After passing Panes recovery garage a number of times on the way to Malvern show ground I stopped and took a series of photos of the vehicles and yard. These photos sat around for a while until recently when I decided start doing some large ink sketches, this piece is just over 1 meter square. It was great fun as my marks loosened up and I wasn't so precious about what I was doing. This led to a lot of happy accidents and a real learning experience. Due to the scale I started treating the piece more like a painting than a sketch, using washes of indian ink over the fountain pen marks. Enough arty jabber here's an ok photo of the full piece with some close ups.....


Monday, 10 February 2014

The 34th Carole Nash Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show

The Bristol Show usually turns up the odd gem, this year was no exception as you can see....

The Nash Racer

1932 New Imperial Model 23

(ink sketch)

This bike was a real sight to behold. Not only does it have this great hand beaten aluminium streamlining, it is the holder of 7 World Speed Records, Four Brooklands and Brighton records. The bike was last seen 24 years ago, and I as well as many other people were ecstatic to see it. It is billed as being one of the first ever streamlined bikes. In 1936 at Brooklands the bike reached 93mph with a 1/2 mile flying start!

 1929 Works Senior T.T. Scott Racer

(ink sketch)

this is one of the 6 bikes entered by Scott in the '29 TT. It was ridden by P.A.E. (Phil) Vare. Who qualified and then almost completed the TT going out on the last lap. the Scotts were dropping out due to holed pistons and only one of the riders, Tommy Hatch finished. The bike was bought by Vale after the TT and he rode it on the road and raced in various events before selling it through his own Scott dealership to the second owner who kept it unrestored and in the state it's in today. The Bike will be offered for sale at the Stafford Bike Show in April by Bonhams.

Here's more from the show:

 A bike I didn't get time to sketch was this lovely 40's Durney which was bought 2 days prior to the show from a cafe in France which was previously using it as part of the decor.

 '59 Model 16c Matcless Trials

 1930 Douglas TT

 Ex-Works Norton
 12931 Rudge Dirt Track Bike


 Excelsior Manxman

 James Commando Trials

1931 Matchless JAP

 '65 Greeves Anglian

 1915 Rudge Multi

 Norton Special

 '58 JAPSA