Thursday, 25 June 2015

VMCC Banbury Run 2015

The VMCC Banbury Run is now part of my staple diet as a serial sketcher of veteran and vintage motorcycles. Being the largest gathering of pre 1930 motorcycles, it's a must for me to attend in order to hopefully find something I've never seen. With 500 entrants it was guaranteed to throw up some rare machines. Due to the nature of the event I have to quickly sketch these machines before they go off on the run, and so getting any extensive information is never guaranteed. So as I find information on these machines I will update the post as and when I have it.

1913 Excelsior Factory Hill Climber

(ink sketch)

1925 Grindley Peerless ST1 Barr & Stroud

(ink sketch)

1921 P&M 500

(ink sketch)

1921 Kenilworth Motorcylette

(ink sketch)

1927 Terrot HT 350 Side Valve

(ink sketch)

More Photos...

1914 Dayton Popular
 1929 AJS M7
 1930 Radco Ace
 1919 Ariel 6/7 HP V-Twin
1914 Royal Enfield 160
1930 NSU TS 201

On The Jumble...

 Bitsa trials mostly Rudge with a Dunelt engine
Vintage and Veteran have this lovely original 1912 Triumph TT Roadster in stock.

 1901 Werner

B.S.A. Roadster