Monday, 26 January 2015

Alan Jackson, Bill Head Honda, Isle of Man TT Winner 1977 - 79

First try at filming myself using time-lapse. Can you spot where the gaffer tape came unstuck?

This is part of a larger commission of the 2 times TT winning Bill Head Honda as ridden by Alan Jackson. The bike has a P & M frame with an over bored 550 Honda 4 works engine in it, one of 5 supplied by the factory. I will post images of the final piece once it is finished.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Old Empire Motorcycles LIGHTNING

OEM Lightning

(Ink, Digital & Photography)

More promo art for another slick release from Old Empire Motorcycles.

The Lightning is based on an SR500 and looks like a really agile machine. The simplicity and attention to detail in the final build has really enforced and evolved OEM style into something unique within the modern custom world.

Old Empire Motorcycles TYPHOON

Well the guys at Old Empire Motorcycles (OEM) are creating bikes on a regular basis. I was asked to produce promo art for two of their latest releases the Typhoon and Lightning. For more photos of the bikes and information on the formidable team at Old Empire please visit their website:

OEM Typhoon

(Ink & Digital)

Based on a Ducati 900ss this build has been incredible to watch as it's developed and it has turned out to be an inspiring bike. There is a great balance of old and new with board track inspired looks blending with the Ducati base. 

(Ink & Digital)

The Typhoon is the first in OEMs Imperial line, which is their no holds barred build program. Got a large budget and want something truly unique and hand crafted then this is the line for you.

Here's the Imperial Crest I designed for the line:

(Ink & Digital)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Carole Nash Winter Classic, Newark Showground

Well another year has come around and before I knew it I was off for a 300 mile round trip to the sheds of Newark Showground to see what I could find. Well I subconsciously themed this outing as all the machines were sprint bikes!

1930 Scott Hillclimber / Sprinter

(ink sketch)

 This amazing outfit was built in the late 50s by Ozzie Neal, and raced at hill climbs and sprints in the 60s. The bike started off as a standard Scott, but was then lowered and built as a sidecar outfit. Ozzie raced it with his daughter Sheelagh as passenger. Sheelagh now races it herself with her husband in the passenger seat. It's great to see this sort of special still racing and for it to still be in the family is just perfect.


This Corgi was displayed alongside the Scott, app recently it's used as a training bike for the upcoming generation of Neal kids!

Sprint Bantam

(ink sketch)

Well I wasn't expecting to see this one again so quickly! This Bantam was sold at the Stafford Show last October. It has since been cleaned up and given a lick of paint. What I love about this bike is the simplicity and functionality. Essentially it's a stripped down plunger Bantam with some clever tuning. One day I will put together something like this... one day.


'Frightened Chicken' Lambretta

(ink sketch)

Lastly this long and low Lambretta caught my eye. There is something about sprint bikes that makes them stand out to me. I think it's the fact that there is no particular blueprint for these bikes, as you would have with a straight restoration. Anything goes as long as it goes faster. Sprint bikes like trials bikes demand that the owner / builder think outside the box in order to solve the problems that are thrown up by the sport.

The Frightened Chicken, as this Lambretta is known is the current ACU record holder for the Standing Mile Record on a Scooter. Richard Baker averaged 105.52mph, and topped out at 115.8mph on his East - West run, at Elvington on 17th May 2014

More Motorcycles....

1911 Sun Precision
 125 Benelli
 40s Guzzi Engine in a 70s Seeley Frame
Honda 500r on the jumble

 1959 Matchless G3C
 Lambretta Innocenti
 1959 BSA Sumbeam Trials (left) & Pheonix 150 (right)