Monday, 8 November 2010

Tony Plunketts' Amazing Car

A3 Indian Ink on Bristol Board

After meeting Tony Plunkett at Prescott earlier this year he put in an order for a commission. At the end of the Saturday my wife and I went over to the camping field to take some photos of his car for reference. After about 4 laps of the camping area in Bluebell a Morgan 3 wheeler family (not really an off road vehicle but it was great fun). We finally found Tony and what was described as a BMW. The car was made by Tony over two and a half years from scratch and a very impressive job it is too. I'll let Tony Explain the rest:

"The car is my own chassis and body using the engine and running gear from a 325 BMW
E 30 (1990) The inspiration for the project came from hundreds of photos taken at places like Le mans, Prescot and Shelsley Walsh. The front very similar to Aston the rest pick and mix!"

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