Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Great Western Auto Jumble 2011 Report

Otto Walker Board Track Racer
(Oil on Board)

Currently for sale Contact me for sales
Prints are also available to order.

'32 dry lake racer
oil on board (work in progress)

This piece was done as a demonstration piece over the weekend. Based on a photo graph from the Don Montgomery Scrapbook.
A few more hours and it will be done.

Roy Clarke's Replica of his 50's F1 Stock Car
(as seen in the Audi advert)

Roy Clarke was at the show and was definitely a Stock Car addict and a lovely guy to boot.
After chatting with him about heritage stock car racing I'm going to make every effort to try and make it to one of the BRISCA Heritage Race meets this year. For more info on Heritage Stock Car Racing please visit this website:

Roy Clarke's Replica of his F2 Stock Car.
Currently driven by his son Darren Clarke.

The ford display also had a nice range of old fords as well as newer stuff.
A nice little show all round.


  1. great drawing... the one on top!

    (i reblogged it... i hope u dont mind!)

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