Tuesday, 10 July 2012

VMCC Banbury Run 2012

Well I finally made it to Banbury after the third year of intention, and it was well worth it. Why? Well seeing that it's the largest veteran gathering in the world you can see why I was in my element. There were so many machines that I'd either been waiting to see or never even heard of before, it was just incredible to see so many wonderful machines 600 entries) gathered in one place, and for one sole purpose..... to be ridden. 

1922 Wooler, 350cc
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Ridden by Robert Clark, this is a rare chain driven model and the only one known to the VMCC to have the optional earlier tank style. It was the unusual tank that initially drew me to this bike, but there are lots of other odd things going on too.

1912 / 13 ABC Brooklands 3 1/2 hp
(digitally painted ink sketch)

After seeing this bike at Stafford earlier this year I took the opportunity to sketch this fantastic Brooklands bike. Apparently the owner bought the engine from ebay and asked whether they had the frame, low and behold they did, and this early racer is now back out and about. 

1913 Kynoch
(digitally painted ink sketch)

1923 Douglas TS/23
(ink sketch)

Last sketch of the day was of this prize winning Douglas. According the the programme the bike was bought for half a crown in 1936 by a doctor in WWII, and each issue of his petrol allowance is stamped in the logbook.

Here is a selection of the 600 entries, plus some other stuff of interest.

1913 Wall Autowheel
 New Hudson Autocycle in the Autojumble
1922 Calthorpe Two Stroke
 1917 Excelsior, American Army
All original paint.

 1930 Gnome-Rhone, M1

1930 Frera R.C.

 1914 Ixion, model A
 1923 Nimbus model A
The Nimbus Company still exist making vacuum cleaners. 1200 of these model A machines were made and they were commonly known by the nickname "The Stovepipe"

1915 Harley Davidson 11F outfit
1922 Norton 16H Sports & Sidecar
1927 McEvoy JAP Outfit
1929 Beardmore Precision

1912 Triumph TT Roadster
1904 Rex 3hp
1925 Ner-A-Car model C
1913 Velocette model A

1924 Cotton, Blackburne in front of Rick's Rex Acme
1924 Montgomery Anzani V Twin
1903 Quadrant Banking Tricycle
Bond Mini Car (found in the car park)

Some of the sketches from this event can be found in my recently published Sketchbook of motorcycles which can be bought at my Big Cartel Store (Click Link Below)

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