Monday, 11 March 2013

Tractor World 2013

After visiting Tractor World last year with sketchbook in hand I was very honoured to be invited back to run a display of my work and a demonstration. If you haven't heard of Tractor World before it is a huge tractor show that is held every year at the Malvern Showground by Kelsey Publishing. There is a great range of classic tractors on display with the occasional veteran. There is also a great range of Stationary Engines, trade stands and model farm displays. 
For more information please visit the website:

1957 Nuffield Universal Three with Majar Spinner

(ink and water colour)

This was my main subject for the weekend. An immaculate Nuffield Universal Three with a Purkins P3 Engine (not standard on the Universal Three) with a Majar Spinner. 
The ink sketch was done on the Saturday and the watercolour applied on the Sunday. I don't normally use watercolours when out and about but I really enjoyed working out the colours from the real thing rather than a photograph, so I'm going to work out a more portable kit to be able to add more colour in future.
Closeup of the very neat Purkin conversion.
 Majar Spinner Immaculately restored.

1938 Le Percheon Systeme Lanz

(ink sketch)
 I'm getting quite obsessed with these hot bulb tractors. The Lanz tractor has a single cylinder engine that uses a metal bulb that is heated up to act as what we now know as a spark plug. This is a French version of the German Lanz, there were quite a few versions of this tractor that were made in various countries under licence from Lanz.


Veteran International Junior
John Deere 4010 Diesel Rowcrop
1961 Porche Junior 108
Field Marshal in original condition
Rumley 6 
1923 Fordson F Hadfield Penfield Halftrack
  1951 Turner Yeoman of England
 Nuffield 328, DM4 P4

 Twin City

Stationary Engines

1914 Amanco 4hp, 4 Mule Team

 The Rest....

 Great Display of Early Petrol Cans
1997 Komatso

"Little Lizzie" Wheel Horse Tractor with Showman like awning and mini living wagon.
1950 Landrover Series 1 Tickford Station Wagon
All original condition this Tickford is a rare beast indeed. Designed as a luxury alternative the the basic series 1 this hardtop version was only produced between 1949 - 1950. Sales were low due to it costing £1000 to insure due the windows, only 30 examples exist. This example is now owned by Andrew who runs 1948 Original Equipment  a survival equipment specialist with taste.
1948 Landrover Series 1
Simplicity itself.
 1952 Nash Roller Tractor
On the way out I spotted this fantastic Alvis, obviously used as a parts hauler as the owner was loading it up with his pickings.


  1. Hi Martin,

    Thank you very much for the photos of Land Rover series 1!

    1. didn't realize what a tractor perv you were

    2. Thanks BP everyone loves a tractor don't they?

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