Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wheels Day 2013

Well at least one event kept up their spirits for the Easter weekend, wheels day turned out to be a great day with tons of cars, bikes, vans and trucks turning up to enjoy Good Friday at Rushmore Arena near Aldershot. 

If you haven't been before I'd highly recommend it as a perfect first run out of the year as there is always guaranteed to be loads of machines to see and it's always on Good Friday so it's easy to remember. I of course went with sketchbook in hand and had a ball sketching the wide variety on display.

1935 Ford Pickup
(ink sketch)

Lambretta TV 175
(ink sketch)

1966 Morris London Ambulance
(ink sketch)

1933 Ford Coupe
(ink sketch)

Here are the ones that got away....



 Vans & Trucks


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