Wednesday, 24 July 2013

67th Bentley Drivers Club Concourse d'Elegance 2013

Another Annual fixture in my event calendar for the year is the Bentley Drivers Club Councours. I always enjoy this event as it's always full of incredible Bentleys and the atmosphere is always relaxed and informal, enough chat heres the results:

The Blue Train Bentley

(ink sketch)

Which of the two Blue Train cars this is I was unable to find out, but this is one of the two restored cars that go by the Blue Train name. The name Blue Train comes from the French "Le Train Bleu" express which ran between Calais and the French Riviera. In 1930 the Rover Light Six beat the train in a race. Upon hearing this over dinner (usually the case) Woolf Barnato, one of the Bentley Le Mans drivers at the time said he could beat the train not just to Calais but reach the Conservative Club in St James by the time the train reached Calais. The next morning on 13th March 1930 Barnato did just that, winning a £100 bet and subsequently getting fined more by the French authorities for racing on French roads without permission.
fantastic styling on the rear arches.

1935 Alpine Rally Car Replica

(ink and watercolour)

1935 3.5l Gurney Nutting Sportsman Coupe

 (ink and watercolour)
The swept detailing on the side drew me in enough to to sketch this luxurious coupe, with lots of curved and sweeping shapes I enjoyed the challenge.

1930 Speed Six

 (ink sketch)
The speed six was th machine that took Bentley to victory at Le mans and this is an incredible example of the model which won best restored on the Concours.

Bentley Corniche

 (ink and watercolour)

1975 Bentley T1

(ink and watercolour)

more photos.....

Clean Cut Nature of a Bentley's Engine
Details from a possibly unrestored example.

 1952 R Type
 1923 3 litre 
1935 3 1/2 litre 
 1934 4 1/2 "Blower" Special

This one got away again! Maybe next time.... 

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