Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Classic Motorcycle Show at the Birmingham NEC

1969 Harley Davidson XR750 

Werner 'Prototype' Flattrack Racer

I was really pleased to come across this bike, as it is a true part of flat track history. Over 25 years ago Alastair was restoring what he thought was intending to be a stock bike. He knew the engine he had was special as its number is 69XR001. One day out of the blue he had a call from the states from a owner of the original Werner frame, who proposed they swap frames. Alastair headed out to the states and the deal was done. From then on Alastair commenced a very faithful restoration of this very important machine.

This bike was built by Bill Werner a Harley Factory Team Mechanic in 1969. The bike predated the production XR and was raced separately from the Factory Team. What Bill learned from this bike then influenced the know how for the Team bikes. The frame was a one off built by Bill and his brother, and a lot of other parts are nowhere near stock. Sid Carlson rode the bike as No.73. Bill Werner went on to be the sports most successful tuner. The XR-750 itself is the most successful racing motorcycle ever and descendants of the 'Prototype' are still winning today. With all this I would have been stupid not to spend time with this machine.

1928 Rex Acme TT / 08


I first saw this bike in the metal at this years Kop Hill Climb.  The bike has TT history, but recent investigation by it's current owner has shown that the bike was once owned by Mad Jack Chruchill who is known for fighting throughout WWII with a longbow and a Scottish Broadsword!

More Photos...

 On the BSA Owners Stand was another of Alastairs immaculate Flattrack builds,
a 1971 Trackmaster, BSA A70L

 Well this Patricks bike has changed a bit since I sketched it at Mallory Park in 2013!

 1905 White & Poppe.
 This bike has always completed the Pioneer Run since 1989.

 I'm not sure???
 1972 Velosolex 6000
 Bantam Todd Racer
 1968 Derbi Gran Sport
 Norton Manx TT

There was a car show on at the same time...

 Jet Peel Trident, top speed 78.42mph

Jaguar SS

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