Monday, 2 February 2015

Somerset Vintage and Classic Tractor Show 2015

I really enjoy going to this early tractor show every year. It's always cold inevitably but I enjoy it, especially with two pairs of trousers and socks on! The Somerset Vintage and Classic Tractor Show is always worth a visit as there is always something different every year. Here's what I found:

1916 Happy Farmer 12-24

(ink sketch)

Well I can't resist a veteran tractor, they are always a challenge as the structure is always unusual and the mechanics are always exposed. Not a long lived mark the Happy farmer was built in Minneapolis. With a near 345 degree steering gear on the front wheel this tractor could turn very tightly, however to achieve full left lock to full right required 20 turns! Top speed was 2.5mph, I'm sure it's still a real joy to drive though.

 1938 Marshall 12/20

(ink sketch)

As some readers may know I have a real love of hot bulb tractors and this Marshall is no exception. The 12/20 is a single cylinder machine with a 6 inch bore and 9 inch stroke. This model was the last "Marshall" tractor before the release of the Field Marshall after WWII.
Accompanying the 12/20 was this 1934 18/30 owned by the same person, lucky fella.

1959 Allis Chalmers D-272

 (ink sketch)

Last sketch of the day was this D-272, it was the stance that caught my eye first, plus it seemed to be a genuine untouched machine which always gives them a character. 

Stuff I didn't have time to sketch....

I couldn't find anything about this one other than it's name scrawled on the side...

1941 International Standard W 4D FWD

David Brown 2D

I was quite taken with this untouched Ferguson P3 conversion, there is something about the slightly enlarged look due to the higher bonnet and extra filters sticking out.

 1920s horse drawn Albion Mower

Always good to see a good Nuffield!
1955 Nuffield DM4

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