Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Goodwood Revival with BMW

I was very privileged to be invited by BMW to sketch their 507 for the Goodwood Revival. The 1956 507 is owned by BMW Classic and has never been restored. Only 252 of these roadsters were produced due to them being too expensive to produce. It was intended to fill a gap in the market between the Mercedes 300SL and the relatively cheaper sports cars of MG and Triumph. Elvis owned a white 507 but got fed up with returning to the car to find it dawned in girls phone numbers inscribed in lipstick. To solve the problem he got a red version instead.

Usually at shows I only spend a few hours with a vehicle and spending 3 days sketching and painting the 507 was a great experience. I was painting colour reflections without any direct reference and that was a real challenge. Here's the result of the weekends work, a series of cropped views and details of this iconic car, using ink and gouache.

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