Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pre War Prescott Report

Pre War Prescott was a great event; with an informal atmosphere and a great variety of cars it is definitely an event to put on your calender for 2012, the booked date is the 22nd July. With a Lancaster Bomber display to end the day you couldn't ask for anything more! More info on the event can be seen here:

First sketch of the day was done from the gazebo seeing that it poured down for the first hour or so. Here are two Alvis cars side by side the one on the right seemed to be a special of some sort.
Once the rain stopped I ventured out to see what had turned up.
I was very taken by this 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall.

Later on in the day this fantastic ABC aero-engined special turned up, making a wonderful racket! More info on the ABC Engine can be found here:
Photograph by Peter McFadyen

Apparently the upholstery was from a Bugatti!
A lovely installation of the 1200cc parallel twin aero engine into this oddball special
Zenith Carbs!

1930 Brooklands Riley
Enthusiastically run by John Hearne.

Alvis Duck's-back
I wish I'd realised this before I started sketching the front half!

Bentley Special


Ford 32 Coupe
Great to see this unmodified, it made a refreshing change.

SU Carburettors Skinner Special "The Red Monster"
An unfinished sketch due to the SU carburettor team constantly taking the car for a spin up the hill, they seemed to be having a great time!

1920 Bugatti T22

An Austin pick-up with Punch and Judy livery.

This Aston Martin had a fantastic, possibly original patina.

BMW Frazer Nash

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