Monday, 4 July 2011

UK Roadster & Pickup Nationals at Twinwood Airbase

On Sunday (3rd July) Twinwood airbase played host to the UK Roadster and Pickup Nationals, hosted by Dave, Lesley and Paul Brown at Clapham Classics.
An incredibly wide range of cars and trucks made the journey out to this lost gem of a WWII Airbase to enjoy the sunshine. Here's a few snaps and sketches from the day.
First sketch of the day was this Sherpley Sports known as "Beastie".
It was an apt crossover from my visit to the Bentley Drivers Concours D'Elegance last weekend. The car started off as a 1983 Freight Rover dropside truck. The build took 5 years and was based around the chassis and running gear from this truck. The engine and gearbox came from a scrap 1965 Vanden Plas 4R, the engine being a Rolls Royce 4 litre, straight six. The owner said it would look silly with anything smaller, and I must agree.
Second Sketch of the day was this fantastic early morris rat rod.
This I must say is possibly my favourite build, due to the execution and inventiveness that has gone into it. The owner is constantly changing bits on it as he said "I get bored". Since I first saw this car in Custom car it has had a new morris grill and bonnet installed, along with a fantastic use of an old oil tin to cover the air filter poking out of the bonnet.
Morris cars obviously run in the family as the father bought along his morris van too.
Third sketch was of these conveniently place early rods. Looking great against this period airfield building. obviously attracting a lot of attention.
The fourth and penultimate sketch was of the front end of this 40s Ford pickup. I love the art deco details that they put into the grills in these models.

The final sketch of the day was of this Vanguard Woody. A great little car with a one off woody body. There was a contingent of Vanguards on display, apparently owned by just one person. Hats off to the owner and his friends for bringing them all along.
Here's the full line up.

Had to include this early Ford pickup a real favourite
as my wife and I are currently looking for one!

As well as all the cars there was also the Twinwood Museum chok full of old stuff.

Whilst at the event I met Tim and Paul two very friendly artists from Raygun Industries. I would highly recommend visiting their website and checking out their artwork, DVDs and t shirts:

Clapham Classic Events are running another shindig in the same location in September. I'd urge anyone who has an interest in cars to attend this event as Sunday proved that any type of car, truck or even bike was welcome at this all inclusive event. More info can be found here:

Last but not least I'd like to thank Dave, Lesley and Paul Brown for organising such a wonderful event and making everyone feel so welcome.

Two more events to go in my 5 week Marathon:

VMCC 1000 Bikes Festival 8th - 10th July (this weekend)

Pre War Prescott 17th July

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