Monday, 17 October 2011

18th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show 2011 Report

I was kindly invited by Vintage and Veteran (purveyors of fine motorcycles) to attend the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show and sketch on their stand. Well what a day! All the bikes that I would have sketched at the show were all on one stand (luckily it was the Vintage and Veteran stand). After a warm welcome from the Vintage and Veteran team and a cup of tea I set about sketching.

1923 Harley Davidson JD

"A nice old Harley Davidson on the road and ready to ride away to Harley Heaven.
This 1200cc V-Twin has been upgraded with a later carb and generator and an added regulator" Vintage and Veteran

A lot of bits and pieces to fit in in this sketch especially with the V-Twin.

I especially like the light and horn arrangement up front...

...and I've always liked the cut-aways in the tank to allow for the over head valves.

1908 FN 4 Cylinder 500cc

"Very Rare and desirable FN 4 Cylinder pioneer motorcycle. A lot of work has been done but the restoration still needs finishing.
Rare opportunity to acquire one of these fantastic shaft drive bikes." Vintage and Veteran

Not a belt or chain in sight due to the shaft drive, but still lots of lovely elements to this machine. I always love the long sweeping handlebars on these early Pioneer bikes.

Close up of the engine showing the beautifully simple pot like exhaust and drive shaft.

Rudge TT Rep style 250cc

"This Authentic reproduction was built by a long time UK Rudge Enthusiast in the 1980s in the style of a1933 TT Rep. The German Owner from 1984 has continued the work to complete the authentic styling and components.
This Bike Featured in the recreation of the historic "Rudge Sweeps the Board" photo from 1931." Vintage and Veteran

I was really happy with how this sketch turned out. It has just the right balance of detail and loosness to the pen marks. I must have been doing something right as someone bought it straight away!

These two pipes are drainage for the oil when under high pressure..

...This white one runs from the crank right the way the the back of the bike, to avoid getting oil under the bike. It must be some serious pressure to get the oil all the way along this tube.

1923 BSA Model E 770cc V Twin combination

"An outstanding outfit offering luxurious, smooth and sedate motoring for the decorative couple." Vintage and Veteran

This was certainly attracting a lot of attention at the show. Luckily the odd interested party would give my eyes a break by standing in the way, thanks to those that did as you may well have helped me avoid having my eyes fall out.

The sidecar is a fantastic design especially with the large tono come windscreen.

1911 Humber 3.5hp 500cc

"Nice early Humber in good unrestored condition. Interesting history file and once owned & ridden by CH Bullen in the Pionneer Run in 1946... I have ridden this bike on the road and it goes very well. I was able to stop the engine and restart by pedalling while still sitting. Very impressive. Really enjoyed it.

The styling on the tank and the handle bar grips were the highlights of this Humber for me; real attention to detail was executed by the manufacturers of this Pioneer bike.

These two pioneer bikes were featured in my VMCC 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park report but I had to feature them again because they are that good:

1903 Werner 344cc

1904 500cc Peugeot

Thanks again to Vintage and Veteran for inviting me along and being so accommodating, a true joy to sketch for such a friendly and professional bike purveyor.

More bikes and information on all Vintage and Veterans Bikes can be seen on their website:


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