Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bugatti Owners Club Autumn Classic at Prescott 2011 Report

Well I must say the Bugatti Owners club certainly do know how to end the season. The Autumn classic was chok full of a wide variety of vehicles though out the whole weekend. Along with a free Wall of Death all weekend who could ask for much more.

With my pen full of ink and fuelling myself on chocolate brioche I set about sketching the weekend away! Here are my highlights of the weekend.

I've always liked these Midget racers but having a J.A.P. twin in one as well just makes it even better. This particular example is a Dirt Track Racer designed and produced by Harry Skirrow, Leeds. Running a 998cc J.A.P. engine producing 80bhp on methanol. It has all round suspension provided by two B.S.A. Front Ends and has four wheel drive, driven by chain. This is one of only a handful of remaining cars, possibly the last competitive Midget raced.

1915 Lenox Speedster. Made in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts and imported from the USA in 1998. I just loved the huge elliptical windscreen.

A right hand drive Ford? Yep these were produced by Ford in Canada and shipped over to the UK. Having the US factory in Chicago meant that they could set up a factory for RHD vehicles across the river in Canada and avoid some tax at the same time.

My star of the show was this Bobtail Model T. A incredible single seater.

Phil Wells 1924 T Modified with a V8.
One of the many members of the Vintage Hot Rod Association that were in attendance.
The VHRA have a great website showcasing their members cars and reporting on their escapades. Have a look you won't be disappointed.

I love the front end of a Plymouth (for reasons yet to be divulged on this blog), this sleek example belongs to a very helpful man called Paul. Apparently the square headlamps on this model were only done for an incredibly short period.
This is the White Sewing Machine Company's "Whistling Billy" steam engine racer. The Racer received its nickname because the high pitch release of pressure reminded observers of the sound of a tea kettle. White steam cars were products of the White Sewing Machine Company, a business that thrived till the late 1990s.

Whistling Billy was a terror in the mile and half mile dirt track races across the country in 1905. Driven by the fearless Webb Jay, it set unprecedented speeds and gave better known drivers Barney Oldfield and Louis Chevrolet all they could handle. The racer was a major force in the short sprint races of 1905 to 1912, but it never proved itself in contests of longer distances.

Billy is not currently running but is in the process of being rebuilt with the intent of running her. I for one am looking forward to seeing this beast running.

A gorgeous 1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe with everything original. The engine has been upgraded to a 21 stud flathead but it is still in keeping with the period. A real traditional rod.

There were a quite a few Indian motorcycles in attendance this one particularly took my ey with is map attachment. Not an original extra but one of the owners innovations who needs sat nav?

This roadster has been running since the 80s and has been nicely executed. A real pleasure to sketch.

I've been seeing this Chevrolet Cab Over Engine truck in mags over the last year. As a huge pick up and truck fan I was really pleased to be able to see this for real. It is the owners daily driver, and why not.

A living room in the back of a truck? Yes that's what it seemed to be. Why not travel in comfort and take your living room with you wherever you go.

If you go to the effort of having your car looking this good I would insist on a matching caravan too.

A Standard Vanguard with a Rover V8 engine, Cortina front and Volvo back axle, everything else is stock. Plus a Damned sticker in the back a true British rod done in style.

The car park was constantly being refreshed with plenty of vehicles to keep the interest going. Unfortunately as I started sketching this the owners decided to go home. Nothing personal I hope.

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