Friday, 20 January 2012

Back to the Drawing Board Part 1

The new year is always an exciting time as it's a good opportunity to develop some new work and explore some new techniques. Here are a couple of sketches based around board track racer Albert "Shrimp" Burns.

Albert "Shrimp" Burns
(sketchbook page)

""Shrimp" Burns was one of the top dirt and board track racers of the 1910s and early '20s. The diminutive Burns rode for both the Harley-Davidson and Indian factory teams during his career. He was the youngest champion of his era, winning his first titles at the tender age of 15. "

"Shrimp on the home straight"
(sketchbook page)

"Shrimp on the home straight"
(Mono print, etching ink on Bristol Board)

Mono print is a technique I've been wanting to get to grips with for a while. It consists of painting directly onto a sheet of glass with an oil based etching ink. A piece of paper is then laid on top of the sheet and rubbed to press the ink onto the paper. The advantage of using glass as a printing plate is that you can place a sketch underneath it as reference as seen by the mirrored image above.

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  1. nice work look forward to seeing more of your work love the era of board track racing and motorcycle racing in general. I am writing a fictional book to include characters like Burns and others