Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor & Heritage Spectacular 2012 Report

Setting off at 5am on Saturday morning I took a 250 mile journey across to Norfolk for the Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor and Heritage Spectacular. I was hoping that the event would live up to its title. Arriving at 10am, after picking up an Atco JAP engine and some illuminated pram signs from a lovely gentleman in Mildenhall, I took my sketchbook and pen and wondered round the show. Well it was an incredible display for the shows first year; 4 halls brimming with a huge amount of tractors and machinery, Dancing Double Doe Tractors, rare breeds and a field full of stationary engines. I was there for the whole weekend and I'm sure I didn't take it all in as there was so much to see. Anyway here's what I do remember.

1927 Cateapillar Sixty
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Henry J Kaiser commissioned 5 of these huge Cateapillar SIXTY Tractors to build the Hoover Dam in 1927. Initially these tractors ran on petrol but it turned out a bit expensive so they changed them over to a diesel engine. This is the only one left in existence. Roger Desborough pulled the crowds everytime he filled it up with compressed air in order to start it. It was certainly made an impressive sound as the engine fired up.

1913 Case 20-40
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Owned by Mick Patrick and kept in lovely original condition. Just the way I like to see these early pioneering tractors.

1925 Case 18-32 Crossmount
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Only 2300 of these were built over a 2 year period. This example was bought via John Stephenson who found the tractor in Canada. Currently owned by Peter Goddard & Danny Rice of Market Weston. The gleaming silver whistle on top is a real rarity.

1938 Fordson Model N Rowcrop
(digitally painted ink sketch)

This fine example spent it's working life in the Vale of Evesham. It was then sold at the July 2000 Doug Brian sale in Worcester to the late Buzzy Bush who started the restoration. Acquired by current owner Will Hill in June 2002 from Buzzy's sale.

1966 John Deere 4020 Diesel
(digitally painted ink sketch)

1905 Heinrici Hot Air Engine and Gas Plant
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Last but by no means least is this splendid stationary engine. Powered by hot air this was originally used to create gas that was then used to power the lighting at Gunton Hall Park. Thanks to the owner and operator Gerry Barber and his wife for the kind hospitality and warm cup of tea that kept me sketching in the cold wind on Saturday.

1929 (approx) Minneapolis 27 - 42 crossmount

1928 Peterbro

There was a turnout of 4 Peterbros on display, and with only 8 left that's pretty good going.

1925 Peterbro model 30

The Peterbro lineup

1918 LDV Ford Roller
I love the steering position on this.

1921 Austin English

1917 Moline Universal Model B

1919 Fordson Model F (28hp)
Owned by Terry Loyd (Lord of the Manor), Hainford.

Hart Parr model 30
1942 - 43 Fordson Standard with Rotor Drainer

1950 Deutz Fil 514/50


1952 Allgaier R22

1961 Nuffield DM4 with a 1956 Reid and Gray Plough

1958 David Brown 2D

1950 David Brown Super Cropmaster

1938 Case Model RL

1935 Farmall F12 with Steel Wheels

A Great line up of Commercials

Three Austins enjoying the Sunday Sun.

Well as you can see there was a huge amount to see. Hopefully this show will be run again next year as I will certainly be there.

Easter Friday means Wheels Day I hope to see you there:


  1. In the area and never popped in? Shame!

  2. Sorry about that. I could have done with a cuppa after all that scribbling.