Monday, 23 April 2012

Prescott Bike Festival 2012

Prescott Bike Festival certainly pulled out the stops for it's second year. A huge turn out of bikes and trikes made it down to the event, making it a very enjoyable show. Unfortunately not much sketching was  done by myself at the event due to the constant on / off rain.

1933 Rudge TT Replica (digitally painted ink sketch)

This Rudge TT Replica is all original (apart from a couple of shiny bits). It was a joy to see an example in this condition. 

The owner a very nice Dutch man now living in France was running another Rudge up the hill (below), which allowed me time to sketch this fine example in between rain showers.

One of two Scotts (unfortunately this one ceased up on the day) both were heavily tuned by Roger Moss and looked very impressive especially off the start line.

A group of Morgan Three Wheelers lined up on the Morgan Stand

 Brooklands had bought a very impressive line up seen here lined up in the Paddock

There Was a nice little line up of BSAs near the bar.

 The Morgan Three Wheeler Club also hosted there Opening run at the event so there was a lot of them there which is always good to see.

 Hang on this one's got an extra wheel!

Morgan Family, which actually arrived caring a family, well done.

There was a wide range of bikes on display here is my pick from the paddock.

 Triton Sidecar Outfit


 One of the race bikes waiting to go up the hill


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