Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Abbey Hill Steam Rally 2013

After my first visit to the show last year, I decided it would make a great family outing in the truck, and so the family piled into our 1947 Dodge pickup (now with new tonneau) and braved the Somerset hills to reach Yeovil for the Abbey Hill Steam Rally.

1939 AJS Grass Track

(ink sketch)

My only sketch of the weekend was this fantastic AJS which was built using a Silver Streak no less, so that's two Silver Streaks in two weeks (see Stafford Show report).

 The fuel tank is from an Atco mower.
The rider Len Isaac rode for the Exeter Falcons.


 James Trials
Brockhouse Corgi


 1891 Gents Tricycle
 Tricycle Tandem
Rudge and Royal Enfield ladies bicycles


Trusty Steed
Able to pull a weight of 1.5 tons and a tight turning circle due to independent drive to each rear wheel, what else do you want from a small tractor?


 There was a great lineup in the steam this year.
Foden Wagon with Garrett Tractor Engine
Marshal Roller

 Working Field

 Huge timber saw powered by a traction engine
Bedford truck used to load the logs on to the saw.
Two Man Chainsaw
Unfortunately I didn't see this running.




 Austin Trials Special
 2cvs and an Austin A40
1967 Fiat 600d

 Stationary Engines

1927 Lister L
This engine has a fantastic radiator, the water runs over a grate before going back round the engine, in order to cool it down.


1929 Chevrolet Wrecker
Fordson Thames 7v
Hillman Utility

Frank our 1947 Dodge WD21 having a well deserved rest.

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