Thursday, 17 April 2014

75th Pioneer Run 2014

Well after 4 years of fully intending to make it to this event I finally made it! Well was it worth it? Well there was so many machines that I would have loved to have sketched that it would have taken me weeks to get through all 388 entries. For those of you that don't know about the Pioneer Run.... The Sunbeam Mortorcycle club (the club for all marks of motorcycle pre 1940) have organised the Pioneer Run since 1930 and it is the premier event for all pre 1915 motorcycles. There are also sidecar outfits and three wheeled machines, all have motorcycle engines. The route runs from Epsom to Brighton.

1909 N.S.U.

(ink sketch)

The Dreadnought

(ink sketch)

The Dreadnought is a genuine 1904 special built by 'Oily' Karslake and it is still actively campaigned to this day. In Dave Masters book  "The Fiery Wheel" the recently release Ixion biography he describes the motorcycle as follows:

"The engine is a 3 1/2 hp MMC engine (a De Dion copy)... it has direct belt drive and no peddling gear. It was a very functional and has been used in many long distance trials and holidays in hilly areas."

It also ran in the first ever Pioneer Run!

More Photos....

1914 Indian
1900 De Dion Tricycle
1904 Lagonda Tricar

1913 Flying Merkel
1914 New Imperial

1906 Peugeot
1907 REX Tourer
1903 Phanomobile
The Morgan Line Up
1901 Clement Auto
1903 Kerry, the ladies motorcycle
Not pre 1915 but a lovely AJS outfit spotted on the way out.

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