Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dirt Quake 3

Well SIDEBURN sure did do it again with Dirt Quake 3. 

Especially as they added in Pork Scratchings, a King with Mash Potato Crown and a Jet Turbine Pushbike into the already loony mix!

Here's my big scribble from the day and some pics....

After visiting the event for the past two instalments (Dirt Quake 1 and Dirt Quake 2), I knew full well that the event just goes crazy soon after the gates open, so with this in mind I headed down to the pits and found a viewpoint for the above panoramic sketch. I only had time to do the pencil sketch on the day so the rest was done using reference photos back in the studio.

Here's the stuff I couldn't sketch....

Mario Crash!
Unfortunately The Pie died!

Guy Martin in two extremes

After sketching this bike at the first quake I'm always happy to see Dimitri at the event...
...especially with this kind of fix.
Frank Chatokhine was pure racing entertainment on the track. 

Great to see Maxwell back on the track!
This year saw the return of our French favourites from Clutch Motorcycles dressed as Mario and Luigi!

Old Blu got baptised by blood
Rory turned up with his bike already covered in Norfolk muck!
Milo from Bell 45 looking... well a bit mucky.
The Hard Luck Tattoo boys rode all the way up there and James rode his HD and managed to make a skid mark on a plate oh and he did break his gearbox.

My looker of the weekend
Good to see a Greeves at the event
Two thumbs up for taking the Unsuitable Road Bike seriously.
A good contingent of American vehicles turned up including this lovely 30s Ford Truck

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