Wednesday, 10 September 2014

VMCC Founders Day 2014

(watercolour & ink)

Well this was the perfect finish to a long weekend. I was asked to pop in on the Duzmo stand at the VMCC Founders Day on my way home from Dirt Quake, to sketch my second Duzmo of the year. Two more and I would have sketched all the known Duzmo bikes in existence! This particular model was originally bought by someone who was intending to buy a couple of early Triumphs and came home with this as well as the 2 Triumphs. Tim Walker then took on the project and restored it to the condition it's in today.

For more information on the Duzmo mark either refer to Nick's amazing website or my Banbury Run Post where I first sketched a Duzmo.

 Duzmos own pre 1922 OHV engine
 I loved this speedo arrangement on the front wheel. The bike also has a front rim brake which is quite unusual.

Having been burnt out by sketching 4 meters worth of machines and loosing my ink pen in the process I decided to spend the rest of my Founders day soaking up the jumble and club stands:

Jumble and Club Stand Stuff....

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