Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Kop Hill Climb 2014

Every year the Kop Hill Climb always has a great line up of cars and motorcycles, and this year was no exception. I could only attend for one day this year but what a day it was, the range of machines spans a huge period from veteran to modern hybrid and supercars. The event is always a joy to attend as the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. To find out more about the event please go to the 

I travelled to the event with sketching friend extraordinaire Stefan Majoram, for his take on the vent please visit his website.

1947 Moto Guzzi Dondolino

 (ink sketch)

I initially picked this bike because it looked unusual and I'd not drawn any Italian motorcycles until this one. Turns out this is a pretty rare bike. The Dondolino (Rocking Chair) was produced as a gentleman's racer after WW2 as an affordable, reliable and robust machine. This made it ideal for private racers who wanted to take part in the races that emerged after the war. In 1946 Dondolino's were ridden to victory in both the Swiss and Spanish Grand Prix. It was also a winning bike in many 1st and 2nd division races in France and Italy. More importantly the Dondolino proved it reliability in the Milan to Taranto race, a extremely long and testing event.

Velocette Sprint Bike

 (ink sketch)
I saw this Velocette last year but did not get a chance to sketch it. So I made sure I got it this time. The tank had been changed but it had the charm that only a rough and ready sprint bike has with modifications and fixes which are practical rather than aesthetic. In other words I love this bike. 


 (ink sketch)

BSA 3 Wheeler

 (ink sketch)


 Indian Scout
 Brough Superior
 1929 Rex Acme TT racer (previously owned by Ewan McGregor)

New Imperial


 Austin Healy Frog Eye Sprite
 Salmson Cyclecar
 Ford Delux
 Early Streamlined Lotus

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