Thursday, 19 March 2015

Whitewebbs Museum of Transport, Enfield

On the 10th March I travelled to The Whitewebbs Museum of Transport, Enfield to sketch the 3rd of 4 Duzmo motorcycles that are known. I'd lived a half hour drive from this museum for many years but never known about it. I was so glad I made the cross country trip to sketch this motorcycle because I found more than that, in a museum run by volunteers who are more than happy to go out of their way for you.

1923 "D.J. Shepard" Duzmo NK 5450

(watercolour and ink)

This particular Duzmo is from 1923 and is a 500cc sports model. Duzmo traded from 1919 to 1923 when they went bust. All the remaining stock was bought by local dealer D.J. Sheppards, of which this bike, and the frame & tank of the Duzmo I sketched at Banbury was part of. NK 5450 was reputed to have been walled up behind an office at Sheppards and eventually used as part of a redundancy payment to a member of Staff.

More on this fascinating mark can be found on the Duzmo Website.

1898 Holden

(ink sketch)

I was thrilled to find this early pioneering machine in the museum, I was even happier when the volunteers agreed to pull it out from the display so that I could sketch it. 
The Holden was created by Colonel H.C.L. Holden who designed the Brooklands track. It has a flat 4 cylinder engine, at 800cc. This particular example is part of the Judd collection and has completed the Pioneer Run (London to Brighton) in 1938 by Rex Judd. Earlier versions of this motorcycle used air cooled engines that were prone to seizing at a maximum speed of 18mph.

I'm currently looking further into this machine, and will post as soon as I've found out more.

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