Friday, 27 March 2015

The Pioneer Run 2015

The Pioneer Run, run by the Sunbeam Motorcycle Club, is my favourite event of the year. It's probably the most consistent event for me, in that every year I go away wishing I had time to sketch every single entry. This year the event had 344 pre 1914 machines. I always learn something new at this event, as the machines are so individual due to the Motorcycle only having come into it's own just over a decade before the outbreak of WWI.

1904 James H. Smith 3hp

(ink sketch)

1902 Clement

(ink sketch)

1914 Wanderer 500cc

(ink sketch)

More Photos....

 1913 Wilkinson TMC 830cc

1902 G.Valliere/G.V. 183cc 

 Unknown Buchet motored machine

1900 De Dion Tricycle 326cc
1908 BAT 9hp
 New Imperial found on the Vintage and Veteran stand
1913 Morgan Runabout
 1912 A-C Sociable
 1912 Royal Enfield Sidecar

 1913 REX JAP
 2 1914 Calthorpe Junior machines
1913 Excelsior 

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