Monday, 20 April 2015

Bespoked 2015

Last Friday I finally made it along to the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show. This was my first bicycle show, and what a great show! There was a plethora of amazing hand made bicycles on display and some very interesting ideas in both engineering terms and design. If you didn't make it this year and like what you see I urge you to make sure you go in 2016.

Takhion Tsubasa Mass 2

(ink sketch)

This intriguing track bicycle is the result of a collaboration between Reginald Vorontsov the founder and designer of Takhion and Tsubaba Bicycles (Edvinas Vavilovas). Vorontsov designed racing bicycles which eliminated the use of the headset and put the handlebars directly onto the front forks. Not only did this reduce the weight it also made the riding position even more aerodynamic. These bikes pushed Russian cycling to win at the 1988 Olympics.

The Takhion Tsubasa Mass 2 is the latest incarnation and evolution of the Takhion design, using an all carbon fibre frame and fork set using "A unique carbon fibre layering system, where pieces of carbon fibre are meticulously layered over each other, resulting in  a strong seamless but incredibly light frame."

Due to the extreme riding position the rider doesn't exhort much pressure on the seat and so a minimal design has been employed.

The prototype frame T+T Mass 1 is to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Red Cross, to support the war orphans of the Ukrane. To bid on the frame or even make a small donation please go to the following link. The auction ends on 8th July:

Reginald Vorontsov is from the Ukraine and due to the conflict it has made the collaboration difficult, but Edvinas and Reginald feel that they can overcome this and prove that "man and man is more than war"

Ogre, DH-1R

(ink sketch)

Built by Eiji Konishi this is a beautifully crafted downhill bicycle, the main frame is made from sections of flat titanium, and the rear swinging arm is almost organic. To find out more about Eiji's amazing bicycles please go to his website:

More Photos...

GWG Innisfree


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