Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bespoke 2016

After last years trip to Bespoke in Bristol I was keen to attend again and sketch some more handmade bicycles. Being a local show I decided my trusty 1954 Freddie Grub road bicycle into town, however on arrival I soon realised I had my sketchbook but no pens! I quickly went to my favourite art supplies store Bristol Fine Art and bought some Faber Castel Pitt pens and a rather nice clutch pencil called a Koh-I-Noor to play with. Here's the results...

The Bicycle Academy's Klunker

(ink sketch)

My main revelation of the show was finding out about an event that was held last year called the Hack Bike Derby and event put together by Andrew Denham from The Bicycle Academy. The event was an invitational for a group of 17 bicycle makers were set the challenge to build a bike in the spirit of the pre mountain bike klunkers with a budget of no more than £300. The bikes also had to be fitted with the same tyres to further level the playing field. 

Adi Gilbert did an incredible job of the poster.
Bell Helmets were provided and sharpies were let loose to create individual helmets.
Some very inventive bikes were constructed like the one seen above with a long wheelbase provided by the off set steering!
Love the double forks on Ted James' steed!

Sven Cycles

(ink sketch)

I've been following Sven Cycles since I saw their bikes at Bespoke last year. I love the classic look that they achieve due to their obvious sympathy to vintage aesthetics. The looks are coupled intrinsically with high quality modern components to produce bikes that work to the customers requirements.

Brelis Custom Cycles

(ink sketch)

There was something that caught my eye on this Brelis belt driven fixed wheel machine in the New Builders area, possibly the lugwork. Brelis is a one man operation from Istanbul, Burcak Erbil, qualified in both Metallurgical and Mechanical engineering. Frame building started as an extension of his interest in cycling he is now pursuing it with more vigour and I wish him the best of luck.

Ted James Designs

Not only does Ted make a mean Klunker he is also more well known as a very talented frame and component builder, he was chosen by Reynolds to build the first 921 stainless frame for testing. Find out more about Ted James and his skills at tedjamesdesign.com

More Photos....

 Adjustable Geometry Bike with 3 Channel Analogue Data Recorder

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