Friday, 1 April 2016

Practical Classics Restoration Show 2016, Birmingham NEC

My first show at the Birmingham NEC this year was the Practical Classics Restoration Show. I have attended this once before and I'm always fascinated by what is now considered a classic as some of the cars on display were cars that I know from my childhood. Anyway enough of that here's some sketches and photos....

Simca Arnode

(ink sketch)

My first sketch of the show was this Simca Arnode, it was tucked away in a corner and was a great subject. These were produced between 1951 and 1963 and a total of 159,418 were built. When talking to the owner I found that not many of these exist especially in this country. The Simca was a simple and practical car with a simple dash and rubber matts, when it's competitors in the UK were providing walnut dashes and carpets. The Simca still had it's own quirks as most french cars do, the seats fold back to horizontal providing a double bed and the fuel cap is hidden behind one of the rear light units!

1959 Meadows Frisky Sport

(ink sketch)

There is something about Frisky microcars that is wrong and right at the same time, having unconventional proportions coupled with some 50s styling with the rear tail fins for me is something that always excites me about these small modes of transport. Only 15 Super Sports survive today and the owner of this example also owns the prototype. These micro cars were made by Meadows in Wolverhampton and powered by a 325cc Twin Villiers engine. This car was a wreck when found, as many of them are due to the fact that these were totally functional, cheap forms of transport. Fully restored by the current owner this is now like new and used fairly regularly.

More information of Frisky cars can be found at:

1939 Triumph Dolomite Roadster

(ink sketch)

Restoration of this roadster was done by the current owner who completed the work in 2002. The Dolomite took 5 years to restore, 18 months of which was spent restoring the rotted ash coachwork and 2 years on the interior and upholstery. The paintwork was sprayed on the driveway would you believe! It was the waterfall grill that got my attention on this fabulous roadster, the long nature of these cars is always a challenge and I had a great time sketching it.

1935 Triumph Gloria Vitesse

(ink sketch)

After sketching the Dolomite I was asked  to sketch this earlier 1935 Gloria Vitesse. There are some great lines in this model and I always enjoy sketching the front grills on cars like these especially with the large headlights and horns.

Both these early Triumphs were found on the Pre 1940 Triumph Motor Club Stand.

More Photos...

Citroen Ami8

Standard Vanguard Pick Up

 Metal Flake Madness on a Capri
Land Rover "Piglet"

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