Thursday, 21 June 2012

Berkley Castle Classic Car Show June 4th 2012

On Bank Holiday Monday Frank participated in his first car show, a picnic was packed and the family squeezed into the cab for a leisurely drive to Berkley Castle in Gloucestershire. Whilst I was there I managed to get a couple of sketches in. It turned out to be a Dodge packed day as I sketched these two early Dodge Brothers cars.

1924 Dodge Brothers, 4 Cylinder
(digitally painted ink sketch)

1928 Dodge Brothers, 6 Cylinder
(ink sketch)

This Dodge was pretty incredible, it had pretty much only had one owner from new, last registered in 1948 and it hasn't had anything done to it. It was covered in some sort of oil when the present owner bought it, and so a lot of the original finish has been preserved.

I sketched this Plymouth at Prescott last year and had to include it in this report, just because I like it so much.
Parked along side was this 1946 Hudson Commodore Six, I ran out of time but was hoping to get a sketch of this one in, the front end is just beautiful.

There was a huge amount of cars at Berkley Castle, and the range was great, not one vehicle the same.

A fantastically presented Austin Van

Highly American style Austin


A Morris Flatbed?

Austin Military vehicles


  1. This is definitely a sight to behold! A collection of classic cars would certainly make your day. Looking at these classic pieces is such a joy, since you’re also getting a glimpse of history. Isn’t that cool?

    (Carson Wininger)

  2. It is a joy indeed to go back in time and reminisce and even vicariously relieve the old times and how cars looked like in those times. Especially for the car enthusiasts, it would truly be an honor to see these old cars in person. Car shows are treated as heaven sent for some, a big thanks to those who share their collections. :)

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  3. The time, money and effort that the owners exerted in keeping it in great shape would all be in vain if they wouldn’t be able to show off these classics to other people. It’s indeed a great feeling for them whenever their cars are being admired and loved by many people.

    Mickey Doshi

  4. The Austin truck really looked great. It’s as if it was a brand new military vehicle. Well, you will really be amazed once you’ve discovered how old this truck is and how many remarkable moments it had been through and how many battles it has seen, I’m even curious if this one had any bullet holes in it before it was restored. It’s a real-life battle scarred veteran! :))

    Darius Martinez