Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The London Douglas M.C.C. Bristol Cavalcade 2012

Sunday 3rd June saw another local event so another excuse to take a ride in Frank to the London Douglas Club M.C.C. Bristol Cavalcade, at the Kingswood Heritage Centre. for a small meeting there were a lot of nice bikes that turned up for the occasion, braving the rain and the riders were sticking it out as showers passed over, in true British style.

 1929 600cc Douglas Sprint Bike
(digitally painted ink sketch)

This sprint bike has been campaigned by Henry Body for the last 20 years, in various sprints, and is the fastest Douglas in the world. Henry is now 77 years old and has been sprinting for 62 years, incredible stuff. Here are his times:

150yrds 6.09sec 78mph
220yrds 7.74sec 85mph
440yrds 12.16sec 107mph
1km 23.08sec 118mph

 Here are some more of the bikes that turned up.

Half of the lineup.

 Douglas Special 350cc, 
1920 engine on a 1930 bike.

Douglas Trails

Douglas Dragonfly

For more information on Douglas Motorcycles please visit the London Douglas M.C.C. website:

The Kingswood Heritage Museum was a very interesting local museum, with good tea and cake:

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  1. You have made quite the collection of bikes over the years. I would have to say that my favorite is the Douglas Trails bike. That bike would really turn some heads on the road.