Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Brothers MRC Custom Bike Show and Rally 2012

On Saturday the 2nd June I ventured out in Frank (our 1947 Dodge pickup) to The Brothers MRC bash at the Keynsham Rugby Club. This was the first of three events I was to visit over the bank holiday weekend, and I must say it was worth the trip out.

 Copper Norton Flat Tracker
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Bike of the show for me this cracking Norton was extremely well put together with lots of nice detailing.

A neat leather addition to house the advance / retard. 

Harley Chopper
(digitally painted ink sketch)

 Rat Harley
(digitally painted ink sketch)

This caught my eye not because of the rubber rat on the front but it seemed to be a genuinely ridden machine with all the wear and tear to prove it.

Here are a couple more customs to finish off.
 Big tyre on the back fair enough...
 ...on the front too!

A Suzuki GS750 Chopper (if I remember correctly)

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