Thursday, 3 May 2012

32nd Carol Nash Classic Motorcycle Show, at Stafford Showground 2012

Vintage and Verteran ( Invited me back to sketch on their stand at the Classic Bike show. Yet again the Purveyors of fine motorcycles put on a good show of old and unusual bikes, it certainly kept me busy over the weekend. 

1913 J.E.S. (digitally painted ink sketch)

Made in Gloucester in 1913, by JES Motorworks this 116cc engined bicycle has been a successful entrant of the Pioneer Run many times, and is now offered for sale by Vintage and Veteran.

1924 AJS V-Twin Model E
 (digitally painted ink sketch)

This great 800 v twin was sat behind my display and so was a real must for the sketchbook. It is part of an outfit with a very good size sidecar. I especially like the gas powered headlamps on these early veterans as the hooded headlamps always have a very aesthetically pleasing appearance.

1909 Veteran Triumph (digitally painted ink sketch) 

 A  bit of a mystery. A 1909 Trumph with a clutch and 3 speed gearbox fitted.
This very early Triumph received a lot of attention over the weekend and was sold by the end of Saturday. There were so many lovely little bits of history on this bike as it had been laid up since 1927 and nothing had been touched. I do hope whoever bought it is sympathetic to it's history and does not take the restoration too far.

BSA G12 1000cc V Twin outfit (digitally painted ink sketch) 

This BSA & sidecar was delivered new to Bath City Police force in 1932.

1920 FN 4 Cylinder 

A lovely of this shaft driven FN model 

 1903 227cc Royal Enfield pioneer motorcycle

Laid up since 1920, until it was found hidden away in the 1970’s, the ultimate barn find. This is billed as possibly the earliest running Royal Enfield. Restoredin the 90's this fine pioneer motorcycle has taken part in 10 Pioneer Runs and several Banbury entries and has been used on a regular basis.

1910 Douglas Model D

I'm always intrigued with the horizontal douglas engine, it constantly make you look twice. Apparently there are only 3 older Douglas motorcycles surviving.

All the above bikes are listed on the Vintage and Veteran Website. If you want to know more, the website has a lot of lovely photographs of all of these machines and many more.

The Rudge Enthusiats Club Stand

Congratulations to the Rudge Club on winning the 1st place in the Club Stand category, from the bikes below you certainly can see why.

1911 Rudge Whitworth Brooklands

This is a gorgeous restoration of the production model based on the Brooklands bike that was the first to cover 60 miles in 60 minutes. The owner was kind enough to take it out from the club stand so that I could take some good photographs of it.

 1951 1000cc Bailey Rudge
This is the only high-camshaft twin Rudge left in existence.

 Rudge Ulster

The N.A.C.C. Stand

After recently being featured in the N.A.C.C. club magazine "Buzzing" I was glad to see their stand at Stafford. There were some lovely examples of Autocycles and cycle motors on display. To find out more about the club please visit their website:

Part of the line up

For Mother and Baby let me introduce the 1950 Velosolex Swan Neck.

1954 Cyclemaster

 New Hudson

 1972 Velosolex 6000

The Panther Owners Club Stand 

I was warmly welcomed on the panther stand, I'm always intrigued by this marque with it's sloping engine.

 The Rest

 1912 / 13 ABC 3 1/2hp
Keith Sam's lovely early racer on the VMCC stand.

 A line up of speedway racers with a JAP engined example at the front.

 1929 AJS MI 966cc (side valve v twin)

1919 Ariel 3 1/2hp 

Pat Davey's 1929 DOT Villers V4
Originally a 250cc a 350 top end was added and bored out to give 361cc.


Matchless Sidecar outfit

 H.R.D. 350 cc 
This Howard Davis 90 Model was top of the 1925 H.R.D. range

1957 Moto Rumi

 BSA Sunbeam 250 Trials/Scrambler
Yes these were used in the 60's for trails and scrambling. This example was bought at Stafford in 2005 and the restoration is nearly complete.

 1950 Model C Lambretta

 1998 Vespa 125 PX Mod'd to the max!

For more information on what Classic Bike Shows are coming up later in the year please visit their website:

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