Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wiscombe Hill Climb 12th - 13th May 2012 (500 Owners Club & VSCC)

The sun blessed Wiscombe Park over the weekend and so I was able to get plenty of sketching done. The Saturday saw the 500 owners Association hosting the event with a mixture of bikes and Cooper racing cars alongside the odd three wheeler. Sunday was hosted by the VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) which meant more exotic cars and specials trying to beat their own times up the hill. Wiscombe is a fantastic venue and a very steep and hard hill climb, to find out more about Wiscombe Park please visit their website:

For more information on the host clubs of the events over the weekend please visit the following websites:

Here is a selection of my scribblings from the weekend.

1917 Hudson Super Six Racer

(digitally painted ink sketch)
Debuting on May 10th 1917 at the Uniontown, Pennsylvania speedway the Hudson Super Six Racer went on to hold many records including Pikes Peak. It's amazing to think that these machines were breaking 100mph in the early 1900's. 
Bought in the states in the 80s this Hudson super 6 has been a real labour of love for Mike Collins as it took him over 20 years to build this wonderful machine. Mike said that normally they normally drive the Super Six to hill climbs, which shows how good this build must be.
Big congratulations to Mike and James Collins, as this Edwardian racer broke the Edwardian record for Wiscombe by over 2 seconds.

BSA 31 with 500 head

(ink sketch)
Modified to a 500 head this bike was giving it's owner a lot of fun on the day.

1938 Adro Special

(digitally painted ink sketch)
This is a fantastic special powered by a JAP V Twin with a twist:
A lovely Over head, inlet over exhaust conversion on the 1927 Jap Twin.
Rodger was seen like this for a while as he fixed a pesky bolt that had blown out of the front cylinder head. He got it sorted in the end and ran pretty well in his main runs.


(digitally painted ink sketch)
One of only four known and the only one running. The engine is a specially built Horizontal twin unit, which directly drives the rear axel.

Austin 7

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Supercharged Austin 7 Special

(digitally painted ink sketch)

 Austin 7 special with streamlined bodywork

(ink sketch)

Triton Outfit

(ink sketch)
I featured a shot of this Triton Outfit in the Prescott Bike Festival Report. I was glad the weather was better on this occasion as it meant I had plenty of time to get a sketch of great looking machine. 


Many more bikes and 500cc cars were there on the Saturday for the 500 owners club event.

 30's Norton


 Race Cars

Cooper JAP

Cooper with Broken Wheel (ink sketch)

1949 Cooper JAP
Campained by Peter Collins in 1950 - 51using various JAP and Norton Engines.

Cooper Jap Twin


 Lea Francis Hyper S

Austin 7 "The Toy" 

Mrs Jo Jo
A genuine Brooklands car with a 4 cylinder supercharger engine. 

Morgan Special 4 Wheel Conversion

 GN Special "The Gnat"

Edwardian Racer

Early Peugeot Racer

BMC Carburettor close up

Cooper Formula Junior



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  1. Great work Martin, looks like a terrific event. Nice to see your take on a few of the cars I've sketched. I'm hoping to get some drawing done this weekend but It doesn't look like the weather will be quite so nice.