Thursday, 10 May 2012

Abby Hill Steam Rally 2012 Report

Abby hill is one of the first steam rally's of the year and it certainly has shown promise of the year to come. With good turn outs for the various sections, steam engines, commercials, military, motorcycles and tractors. 

 1922 Wolf 3 1/2hp (digitally painted ink sketch) 

First up I decided to start with the motorcycles as I had been sketching bike all last weekend I thought I might as well go with something familiar to warm up.

1914 AC6 Traction Engine (digitally painted ink sketch) 

I couldn't visit a steam rally and not sketch a steam engine. Here is an Averling and Porter General purpose engine. I must say it was great to sketch around machines of this caliber. The smell of burning coal and the sounds of the engines steaming up was a fantastic atmosphere to sketch in the engine itself added to the sketch by spitting some oil on the paper. The current owner of this general engine is the second owner of the engine since new and has lovingly restored this engine after it was decommissioned in the 70s. 

1919 GMC water bowser (digitally painted ink sketch) 

As I was sketching the steam engine this incredible machine pulled up. This was imported from California and was then put into running order and nothing else. It certainly was drawing a lot of attention as I was sketching it. I think this was mainly down to the fact that it as a lot of character, and this has not being removed by a full restoration. 

 4 Cylinders and a magneto what more do you need?

A separate pump for the water tank mounted directly behind the seat.

There certainly was a lot to see at Abbey Hill. Here is a selection of my favourites from my visit on Sunday.






For more information on the Abbey Hill Steam Rally please visit their website:

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