Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Festival of Slowth Report 2012

The Welsh hills were alive with the sound of cycle cars this weekend at the Festival of Slowth. I was very kindy invited along with my sketchbook to see what I could find. I'd like to thank all those that organised the event and played perfect hosts to all in attendance.

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Indian Scout
(ink sketch)
This Indian Scout is soon to be crossing America. Good Luck Ian.

GN front end
(ink sketch)

(ink sketch)

 Prop Power

 Two Cardons and a Morgan

 Morgan Grand Prix

 Off for a spin.


 Success of the weekend was Adrian Wards Chater Lea, up and running on the Saturday for the first time in years. Well done fettlers!

 Housing a Blackburn V Twin this cowling is definitely minimal with great style.
As you can see there were a lot of lovely details on this car.

 Morgan Aero, GN, Humber


 Tim Gunn's fantastic Grafton Cycle Car alongside the Bleriot Whippet.

Tim runs the wonderful Old Bicycle Company so please visit his site for all your old bicycle needs:

 A lovely early racer leaning against the in house petrol pump.

The Bugatti Owners club are celebrating everything French at Prescott this coming weekend 
with the La Vie en Bleu festival. The weather looks good and the sketchbook will be out once again. For more information on this event please follow this link:


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